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The Gorligh Battle
« on: October 31, 2004, 03:12:32 PM »
The Gorligh Hills was quiet and serene as a small brigade of Rangers moved on horseback and on foot through the hills. Not knowing of the ambush the dwarves had set up.
Sentinel was leading them, riding on a grey mare, he was not aware of anything, the day was clear, and a slight breeze blew the grass, quiet peaceful. Far to the north was a moutian chain, a natural defence for the dwarves who were on the other side and the way the brigade was moving. Sentinel was to go to a large encampment at the foot of the mountian where an Elvish army prepared to cross the mountian passes.
The war had been raging for as long as anyone could remember with it's low and high points. Sentinel had been serving in it for as long as anyone could remember and as a Ranger Lord he was in command of a very large brigade.
As The brigade entered a valley, the dwarves surrounded them on the hills. Sentinel was too late in sensing the trap as arrows suddenly fell from the sky and fell into his men. Sentinel's horse died from an arrow in the chest, and Sentinel jumped off just in time to save himself from the crushing weight of the horse. All around the dwarves charges and Sentinel only had a few minutes to unsheath his sword as the fight began. To Sentinel's eyes there seemed to be a myriad of dwarves, but infact they outnumbered the elves by only a little. Sentinel fought hard and long with the skills of many as he tried to escape.
Sentinel barely escaped, hiding in an abandoned den of some unknown creature, as the group of dwarves passed he crawled out and winced, he had an arrow in the back of his knee and severl gashes covered his body. He pulled the shaft out of his knee and laid there, holding his sword closly to him. Night fell over the area as Sentinel limped his way back to the valley, everywhere laid the slain, the grass thick with blood.
Sentinel fell to his knees in the middle of the battle and praying for the ones slain or captured. He went to his feet and heard of more fighting. He ran to it and came to the top of a hill where he looked down and saw some survivors fighting impossibly against the rest of the dwarves. Sentinel pulled out his long bow and started to fire his arrows into the dwarves.
He whistled and yelled at the dwarves until they noticed him and yelled out obscene remarks about them. They came at him with fury, hoping to give his men time to get away, he played cat and mouse with the dwarves for hours it seemed until they gave up and Sentinel passed out exhausted at a top of a hill.
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The Gorligh Battle
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2004, 08:49:08 PM »
Beowulf and his men came up behind the dwaves and pushe the down into the valley as he followed having his men fight thme all the way down until they had met Sentinels men.
Looks like even you need help sometimes.
Beowulf called out to Sentinel as he cut several dwarves heads off with one mighty blow.
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