Author Topic: First Glance at the Submerged Continent  (Read 3306 times)

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First Glance at the Submerged Continent
« on: October 24, 2004, 12:27:37 AM »
Isolated from the known world,by the seemingly endless watery wastes of the fabled Vaet Ocean,there exist a vast continent perpetually flooded by vast bodies of water.It is the land of Tarrod.Created eons ago by a race now lost forever,it is inhabited by a variety of exotic races,all of them bizzare and mind boggling to behold.

 Paramount among them,reign the savage eel-folk known as the Eshal.From their seat of power at Tawichi,they rule the land of Tarrod with an iron fist,ever ready to carry out plundering raids on the weaker races at the slightest excuse. A race of savage warriors and fanatics,the Eshal are driven by the consuming need to find an ever larger number of victims to feed the monstrous thing known simply as the Matriach.....

This is a place where intelligent life on dry land is non-existant,due to the fact that the surface of Tarrod, is made up mostly of a series of huge lakes and lagoons that are connected each other via rivers and streams,some constructed artificially by the Eshal.The small pockets of land that exist,are inhabited mostly by animals and beasts,some extremely dangeorus and vicious. The only bits of land that are inhabited,are a chain of small islands which are peopled by a primitve tribe of humans who see the Eshal as semi-divine beings. Centuries of human females mating with Eshal,have resulted in the islanders developing gills,thus allowing them to make tribute visits to their overlords.

In the south-western part of the continent,lie the mosquito choked swamps, where the young warriors of the Eshal prove themselves in battle against the rebellious inhabitants,namely the wild frogmen known as the Anura and the foul piranah folk called the Lurdi. In the somewhat drier north-eastern western part, live the once glorious mer-folk,now the slaves of the Eshal and small,roaming bands of crocodile people that struggle to cling on to their way of life,in the face of savage Eshal incursions.Beyond the borders of Tarrod,so the legends go,are islands that are haunted by vicious,surface dwelling demons.

For all their arrogance,there is one race the Eshal hold in awe.Known as the Cuada,the powerful venom and potent mind magic of these salamander beings have inspired the Eshal who see them them as the almost divine first-born of the gods.Thus,the Cuada are able to to influence decisions taken by the Eshal,to their advantage.
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