Author Topic: Ruleset 2 (r2) - Strict Moderated Roleplaying  (Read 2220 times)

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Ruleset 2 (r2) - Strict Moderated Roleplaying
« on: January 11, 2005, 04:21:52 AM »
This is a strict version of the generally accepted ruleset for moderated freeform. Should a GM wish to use it, simply note in their OOC thread "Apply Ruleset 2 (r2) to this game".

- No Munchkinism, God-moding or powergaming. In terms of magic, no Insta-kills or Cure-alls.

- Players ARE able to die. If your character dies, take it without complaint. It is NOT a slight on you, your roleplaying ability or anything else, and neither am I playing favourites.

- NO tolerance will be given for abuse on anyone elses roleplaying ability, and NO tolerance will be given for complaints about other people. In accordance with this rule, It is expected everyone will play to the best of their abilities, and to be sure to reread everything they've posted to be sure that it makes sense, is spelled correctly, and is logical.

- The GM reserves the right to Edit someone elses post without warning for any reason. This is NOT so he can change someones post to suit him, but rather to fix any large spelling or grammatical errors, remove or modify an irrational or undoable action, or to remove or modify a post which conflicts with any of the rules.

- No controlling other players. This includes posting an action or response of an action for a character which is not your own in your post.

- The GM reserves the right to control players actions for any reason. This is not to take control of the game, but to keep the game flowing.

- Magic users of any sort must play by the Magic which is set by the GM.

- Players must abide by any additional rules and guidelines set by the GM.

to suggest an addition to these rules, PM Shadoweagle.
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