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Admin/User Menu updates


Cranking along. I modified a lot of the scripts to add some extra security to ensure only those that own the plots can edit them, but also added an admin feature where I can assign admins that will be able to edit all the submissions. Don't see a real need for it yet, but it is now ready. At least I can use it. :)

I updated the User Menu so that you can see how many submissions you have and linked them so you have quick access to view everything you submitted. Made it easy to update when I finally add the new user profile page so that you will be able to view only submissions by a certain author.

Trying to get organized to do the shopping cart thing, but still trying to figure out how I want to lay it out. Once I get a couple options I will post them to the forums. For now I am trying to make everything a little easier to manage.

Also made the BBcode available in the comments of the submissions. Can't for the life of me find any that had it at the moment though, but I am sure it will work.


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