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« on: September 30, 2004, 07:24:09 AM »

 I have created (OK, mostly have been "inspired" from various sources) a little module for my K10 rules system, called Disabilities

 A disability is something like a skill reversed; where a skill gives a character more potential, a disability limits him, making his life more complicated. A disability can change like a Skill, it can grow and become more serious up to the point where life becomes unbearable, or dwindle until it vanishes.

 I have already a few generic categories, but I would like more concrete examples, and interesting examples if I may ask, to make the module somewhat complete. That's the good thing for me; for you it is another way to make your characters and NPCs interesting. Ignore the system, ideas are good enough for me. Sounds like a deal?

 There are hopefully a few good examples there, let's get some more:

 Allergic to Shopping, becomes more nervous and/or irritated with each minute he must do it. Avoids if possible, and often chooses the first thing that seems to fit to get away fast.

 Marketing-impaired: has serious problems resisting all those fantastic offers and greatly lowered prices. Any money owned usually vanishes fast, in exchange for junk. (Has a bit more potential in modern settings)

 Lazy hand - hates working with fiddly little things, the fingers are too clumsy, or simply gives up before being able to finish any work.

 Gambler. Obviously, addicted to games of chance, is likely to loose any money very fast.
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« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2004, 07:46:49 AM »
well, check out GURPS for more.
but to think of a few:

*Compulsively generous
*Addicted to fashion: easily influenced by trends
*Hopelessly romantic: sees relationships through a pink lens
*Soft-Hearted: given how often adventurers need to dispose of somebody, this is a 'flaw'. Might earn a reputation bonus, but the character will have trouble ending the lives of rivals or even doing serious harm. He might refuse to eat meat, or wear fur...
*Cocky: wants to prove his worth a lot, has trouble keeping his wind-hole shut. Fails to recognize danger. Might add a bonus vs. fear or intimidation
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« Reply #2 on: October 01, 2004, 12:57:30 AM »
Fanaticism: Religious or Political
Close talker
Addiction (Adrenalin, Alcohol, Paired athletics, Drugs, etc...)
Obsessive Compulsive Liar
Phobias (Claustrophobia,etc...)
Manias (Pyromania, kleptomania, Megalomania, etc...)
Haunted by Nightmares

For interesting results two different disabilities could be combined.

Example: a male who is a coward and a hopeless romantic, would perhaps never dare approach the girl of his dreams. He would skulk in her shadow for years, heart beating and hands shaking.
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« Reply #3 on: October 01, 2004, 01:11:14 AM »
well heres one to get the party started

Hippopotomonstrousesquippedaliophobia- this would be the fear of long words  This could make for some amusining fun if one PC found out that an opposing PC had this fear :lol:
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« Reply #4 on: December 08, 2004, 05:55:34 AM »
From the Midian DFRPG


Feral Upbringing: You were raised by wolves, in a slave-pit, in the sewers, somewhere that prevented normal childhood development; you automatically have the uneducated trait and only have your 'native' language at journeyman level.

Injury: An old wound still leaves its mark; this may range from a simple scar to the loss of a limb.

Orphan: Both of your parents are dead. Usually this indicates that you also have no other surviving relatives; whether or not anyone else in your family lives is at the Game Master's discretion. You have been brought up by: a living relative (aunt, grandfather, older sibling, etc.); an orphanage (some are good, some more like the movie/play Annie); some other guardian (treat like a mentor); or possibly no one (you grew up on the streets, or had a feral upbringing).

Outcast: This is similar to the wilderness background except that you might still dwell in the cities. There is also a difference in behaviour: the trapper in the wilderness is anti-social - he wants to live apart from society; whereas you are asocial - you seem out to destroy society. As the name suggests, you are outcast from society for some reason: you are accused of a serious crime, carrier of a disease, harbour a dangerous secret, or some other thing that causes you to live your life in the shadows. If you cannot come up with a plausible reason, I'm quite sure that your Game Master can think of something horribly appropriate...

Physically Abusive Upbringing: Being beaten repeatedly as a child has made you a tougher adult. You may be either miraculously well-adjusted, or seriously @!#$ed up. +1D8 hit points

Portents: Your birth was marked by an unusual event (or possibly several unusual events) such as clocks stopping, glass shattering, water freezing or boiling, milk turning sour, storms or unusual weather, someone blessing or cursing your birth, or any sign or omen that has been interpreted as an auspicious birth. Whether you are treated as special, holy, or unclean, depends on interpretation.

Sickly Childhood: Numerous terrible illnesses growing up have left their toll on your body. You now are at -1 Strength, -2 Stamina, and -2 to all saving throws.

Strong Religious Upbringing: You were brought up in a very religious household. Your own religious beliefs are yours to decide. Roll or choose one: Guilt (Conscience trait), Physically Abusive Upbringing background, Resistance to Alcohol trait, or Mentor background.

Tragic Event: Something terrible has happened to you; work this out with the Game Master. This has the potential to be a life-altering event - your entire village burned down; your family slaughtered before your eyes. You could have been cursed, orphaned, or sold into slavery. Something wicked this way comes.

Unsanitary: Your foul habits and lack of personal hygiene have left you unsuited for situations involving other people: -2 to all social attributes. However, the constant exposure to dirty conditions has strengthened your immune system: +2 to saving throws against disease, poison, & paralysis.

Wizard's Experiment: You were either kidnapped or purchased & tortured with diabolical experiments, or you were actually vat grown by a wizard's attempt to create/modify life. You have at least one weird feature (the MetaHuman list is a good place to check for ideas). If you were a vat-baby (exogenesis), you have no family & any backgrounds involving such either are re-rolled or apply to the mage that created you. You may still have the genetics of some of those backgrounds, however. For example, you may still have Bizzannite Ancestry if some of the soup used to make you was of that variety.

Bastard: This is the classical definition, i.e. illegitimacy. This background typically means that your father never wed your mother, however it is possible that you had no mother instead, that your parents divorced/separated, or that one of your parents died. You are not eligible for anything that would be passed on through your father (or mother if she's the one missing in your life); in most nations this includes noble titles or land.

Battle Scars: You have cool scars to brag about over drinks. These are not inconvenient or painful. You have an interesting (if embellished) story to tell about how you earned the scars. Not everyone will have the same appreciation for your war-wounds, but warrior cultures rate them highly and Hobgoblins consider well-earned scars to be equal to sash-trophies. Elves and those that can regenerate are generally immune to scarring, and should determine another background.

Disturbed Upbringing: Parents lie to their children. Generally speaking, you learn the truth as you grow older, but not in this case. Either through ignorance of the truth, or oversight in correcting a youthful tale, you grew up thinking that one or more lies of your parents was factual. This could be a large, red, clawed being that sneaks into your house once each year. You might think that "Uncle" Mike really was helping your mother find something lost under the sheets. You may have been told that Shirley Temple and Shirley Temple-Black were the same person. It could be a mother who warns her daughter about a family curse that would strike "any day now" - said daughter worried for years until she finally discovers Mom really meant menstruation. It could be the story of the Fae who trades coins for teeth, or of the rabbit that lays strangely coloured eggs for the little Gentile boys & girls.

Family Curse: Some evil curse haunts your family throughout its generations. The exact nature of the curse is between you and the Game Master, but it will be well known to you, and will be exceedingly difficult to lift.

Mentally Scarred: Something happened to you, something bad. It probably isn't on your list of favourite dinner topics; you might not even completely remember what happened. Whatever it was, it messed up your head in a very bad way. This background makes a good (read: lame) excuse for questionable behaviour.

Plague Survivor: You lived while all others around you suffered and died. You must select one disease that you have survived. Your body might still show any ravages that the plague left, but you are now immune to further infection by that disease.

Poor Parenting: Whether from lack of concern for the welfare of a certain "little mistake" or because they simply didn't know better, your parents showed poor skills when it came to your upbringing. The fact that you survived to adulthood, and out of prison or hospital, says wonders about your resilience and luck. If you desire, you may select an additional background or two that represent your miserable upbringing.

Traits (perhaps closer to what you were looking for?):

Aggressive (Personality): You are assertive, bold, and energetic (this is a nice way of saying that you are actively hostile).

Allergy (specific substance or allergen): You have an allergic response to something specific. Exposure to this allergen causes a hyperactive immune response from you body, far beyond what would normally be called for. For example, many lycanthropes are allergic to silver: prolonged contact causes irritation - possibly even a rash - being in an active silver mine would cause severe sneezing fits.

Animal Hatred: Animals just don't like you. Dogs bark, cats hiss & scratch, even insects are more likely to bite you. You could be a kind, wonderful, animal-loving person - but they still don't like you.

Bad Liar: You are simply terrible at lying and your effective personality rating is at -5 when attempting to do so. However, your appearance is +2 with respect to members of the opposite sex.

Chronic Insomnia: You don't sleep much even if you want to do so. +1 Knowledge from having more time to study, but -1 Grace from being perpetually tired.

Conscience: This is the small still voice in your head that will constantly remind you of things that are against your moral code. This is helpful for someone truly striving to do right, and a great annoyance for others. Note that this trait is based on your morals, so someone with an unethical outlook may hear schizophrenic-like voices telling her to slay all whom oppose her.

Dense (Common Sense): You just don't get it sometimes - and resent being told so. You are at -3 to standard Common Sense checks; i.e. when you roll to not do something stupid. This doesn't apply when you roll to learn something, or to other game mechanics using Common Sense. You do get to apply your penalty against someone trying to use a social skill against you.

Eerie Presence (Grace): Something about you creeps people out.

Fierce (Appearance): You have a naturally mean look to your face. You are at a -3 penalty when trying to get people to like or trust you, but a +3 bonus when trying to scare or intimidate. People usually leave you alone.

Frail (Strength): Encumbrance penalties are one level worse than they would be for someone else with your same strength, i.e. someone with a 14 strength would normally receive a bonus to effective encumbrance level, however if that person had the frail trait he would have no adjustments.

Fully Illiterate (Knowledge): Whereas most functionally illiterate people can still recognize the picture of the mug above the tavern - even if they cannot read the name - you cannot even read the picture. You are iconographically challenged. You have difficulty with connecting abstract images to concrete concepts. It is four times harder for you to learn to read and write a language and will have to be taught literacy in new languages separately rather than as you are learning to speak the language. You are unable to start out with any skills that would involve recognizing symbols.

Hopeless Romantic: Members of the opposite sex get an effective +3 for social attributes & skill checks against you. Tends to fall in love (& get heartbroken) easily.

Jerk: People automatically do not like you, especially once you open your mouth. Even if you are not intentionally insulting, people perceive that you are. There is usually little that you can do to change a first-impression (even a wrong one). You always have the option of acting annoying just to irritate, since they will generally feel that way already. You could instead just drink heavily and let nature take its course. This is the person you have to get to know to like.

Jinx: This is the opposite of being mechanically inclined. Complex machinery just seems to have it in for you, from the rope that breaks at an inopportune time (like any time would be good), to the technomantic weapon that starts shooting randomly whenever you are near. This is a combination of specialized bad luck & random mechanical failure. You could be a highly trained technomancer, but you might not be able to use your own designs.

Nightmares: The unfortunate character with this trait suffers from chronic nightmares that occur quite frequently (20% per level of this trait nightly). You have the option of choosing the Chronic Insomnia trait. 1/10th of your bad dreams are terrible enough to cause you to wake up (cold sweats, possibly screaming). If you have any psychic gifts, your nightmares may be prophetic - but there is no way to know if any given dream is true or not.

Olfactory Flashbacks (Awareness): You have a good memory for smells, perhaps too good. Each level of this trait gives you a +4 on checks to remember/identify a scent. Some smells have the potential to cause you to relive the last time that you experienced that smell. A particularly strong memory can impose a -3 on initiative rolls (Game Master's decision).

Paranoid: Conspiracy Theorist (Knowledge): Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that they aren't out to get you. With this trait you get a retest against the chance that your careful, obsessive, over planning would have prevented an unexpected situation. For example, when the paranoid character arrives home to his surprise birthday party, he can make a Knowledge check to notice the loose powder on the doorstep was disturbed. He can then set the rabid dogs loose in his house before entering. Those with this trait tend to have few friends - they cannot trust anyone.

Paranoid: Nervous (Awareness): What's that behind you? Those with this trait are skittish and jump at the slightest disturbance. You get a retest against sudden surprises. For example, if the group were about to walk into an area infested with hornets (and fails the Awareness check), on a retest the paranoid character would duck and cringe at the slightest buzz - disturbing the hornets - and causing them to attack her friends first. This character gets nervous whenever anyone reaches for her or walks behind her.

Phobia: You have an irrational fear. Having only one level of this trait means that you strongly dislike the object or situation, but can control yourself. Having multiple levels of this trait can be crippling - your phobia is strong enough to affect your actions. For each level after the first, you must make a saving throw (against 10 + the level of the phobia) to take any actions other than trying to avoid the subject of your phobia. Willpower bonuses against mental attack help with the saving throw. Any possible object, circumstance, condition, or situation, may be the subject of your fear. Phobias do not necessarily have a cause, i.e. you need not have nearly drowned to be afraid of deep water; phobias are by their nature irrational.

Poltergeist [psionic]: This non-controlled manifestation of psychokinetic ability operates when you are upset, asleep, or stressed. Small objects move about - often by being hurled, fragile objects may explode, or sometimes a knocking or tapping sound can be heard. Since this is an unconscious psychic outburst, the thrown objects never actually aim at someone, but they may just be in the way. The possessor of this trait is never directly harmed, but cannot control this in anyway - for offence or defence.

Poor Hand-Eye Coordination (Agility): -2 to all tasks that do not involve moving the whole body; for example you would have a -2 penalty to skill checks for suturing a wound, but wouldn't receive a penalty for dodging. The -2 penalty does apply to ranged weapon attacks.

Poor Stopping (Speed): Your ability to come to a quick stop is impaired. Anytime that there is a minimum stopping distance (on ice, for example,) then it takes you 1 & ½ times as long to stop.

Short-Fuse (Personality): You easily fly off the handle. You are at -2 to any social check or challenge that is frustrating, annoying, or makes you angry.

Speech Impediment (Personality): Understanding your speech is more difficult for some reason. You could have an injury, no teeth, a thick accent, or large fangs, for example.

Stubborn (Willpower): You may be a hard-ass about most things. Changing your mind may be more difficult for someone than adding a foot to his or her height. However, this same stubbornness aids you and hinders others when engaged in a contest of wills. Anytime that you must roll for contested willpower (when whomever rolls a greater amount under their own willpower wins), then you are at +3 to your effective willpower.

Stubborn Old Bastard (Willpower): As Stubborn, but worse. The contested willpower checks are now at +8, but you must roll under your normal willpower on 2D20 anytime someone asks you to change your mind - even if it is in your best interest, or even if you think that it's a good idea.

Threatening (Grace): Your menacing nature imposes a -2 when you are trying to get someone to like or trust you, but grants you a +2 when trying to scare or intimidate someone.

Uneducated (Knowledge): You haven't received any "book learnin'." You are prohibited from starting with any skills that the Game Master decrees would require formalized training. You can be self-taught on some skills - particularly if you have a high knowledge score or have the well-read trait.

Unlucky: The GM randomly hoses your character with ill luck: your horse becomes unshod, the barmaid serving you happens to be quitting today, or you look like a notorious villain, for example.
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« Reply #5 on: February 25, 2005, 10:18:55 AM »
Forgetful: Constantly setting things down and losing them. Have come up with multiple ways to remember things but can also never remember the system so all the knots on the belt, strings on the fingers, ribbons in the pocket mean something, if only you could remember.

Lack of Concentration: Quickly bored with anything that takes any kind of concentrated thinking. Sort of a man of action, discussion is a waste of time. Not stupid, but just gets fed up very easily when too much time is put into something.

Greedy: Money money money. Yes friends are important, but they also have a value. He may not sell them out but their is a price on his friendship and he already has a value in mind. Almost all considerations will default to monetary ones. Do we assault the dungeon? What is the cost of supplies and effort vs. chance of monetary return? The profit margin will usually steer them.

Fashion Minded: Knows the current trends and does his best to stay in them regardless of the cost. Has courtly skill and etiquette and is appalled by rudeness and "comfort" or "utility" type clothing. Can often times predict a change in the styles and can be a trendsetter much to the chagrin of his co-adventurers.

effeminate: A little bit "off." Gets along great with women and is a total flirt. Hopefully has some good skills to counter it since it is something that often times can get him in trouble with the big manly types. If no skills usually his personality hits it off with any women who will try and stop any mounting violence.

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A variation:
« Reply #6 on: February 25, 2005, 10:57:56 AM »
Check out the Character Traits from Pendragon.

These act as a matched pair (Brave/Cowardly, Honest/Deceitful, Chaste/Lustful, etc). As one goes up the other goes down (in Pendragon they must add up to 20, but pick any mechanic that suits your system).

The point about these is hat neither side any given pair is necessarily positive. Nor is it necessarily negative (being honest might buy you a good reputation but being too honest can get you into real trouble).
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