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« on: September 03, 2005, 01:23:50 AM »
What is this WARP I keep reading about. The Warp or Warpspace is my version of hyperspace, nullspace, subspace, and other cheats sci-fi writers use to have FTL.

By using the idea of Warp, it gives us an easy verb (to warp), a noun (The Warp or WarpSpace), and a descriptive (You are Warped). You can also jump or glide into Warp. You can come out of Warp.

You need to be outside the gravity well if you want to travel to far away places, otherwise warp allows you to travel anywhere inside the well.

The Star  that Kerren orbits effects Warp Space, making it difficult for a warp drive ship to travel to and from here. That also makes it possible for things here to enter this warp space.  

Dragons, with their nerve filled wings being used as antena, can sense the paraelectric nature of the warp barrier and manipulate it.

got it?
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