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[Coldforged: Tabletop Campaign]2: Prophecies of Hope

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Ancient Gamer:
Okay. It is official. The fever has temporarily destroyed the grammar center of the brain.

Ancient Gamer:
Will play this today. Have added Bluethon ruins in the valley. Keywords: Ancient City, Tombs in which the dead lie in blocks of salt, the salted undead, gateway mandala (see main site "Teleportation and Translocation" system submission), ceramic urns sealed in wax that contains ointments and salves of sorts, it was the K'Horune that destroyed the Bluethon civilization, the lost lord will dream about ages past when he visited the Blueth in this city (once called "Sagalwan of the Valley").

Other ideas: The Dogs of Gethrenburg run in the forest at night, and the shadows cast by these dogs are long and dire. Entire packs of shadow dogs will attack both K'Horune and humans alike, their shadow breath stealing the life force of men. These dogs are normal by day, but shadow dogs by night. In the city of Gethrensburg these dogs are bereft of their powers, except when the Long Man comes. The dogs are sometimes called the spawn of the long man.

*poke* How'd the game go?

Ancient Gamer:
One of the best sessions we ever had. Of course: I merged it with another scenario called "Gerthrensburg - The City of Dogs". I was so happy after that session! It is not every day you can get jaded gamers to believe in the magic. :D


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