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Legend of a Hero
« on: September 19, 2004, 03:32:00 AM »
I was a nobleman of a grand city the day I heard a tale that was more legend then anything. Yet the truest tale I had ever heard.  I had just returned from a great defense against the king of the clod lands of Trizad. I wondered how in times past we could have ever been allies, but this was his great grandson. The lord of the city was my very father. He had been killed in the battle; I wasn’t able to face it so soon at that time. So I thought I would drink my worries away. A small tavern attracted my attention; I walked through the oaken doors and into a bustling room. The tables were of sad fashion. They looked as though they would collapse under the wing of a butterfly. However the were supporting large barrels and kegs of ale. But I was too preoccupied to continue my question of the table. I approached the barmen, a large man, with long dark sideburns and a brown vest. He eyed my royal silver mail with curiosity before I placed a silver shilling upon the table. I requested his hardest ale. He nodded, stood for a moment staring then dived under the table and reappeared moments later with a pint of red liquid. I was to depressed to worry of poisons so I scanned the room for a table that wasn’t occupied. I found none, although there was a table where only one cloaked man sat, staring out the window. I pulled a seat opposite of him, in front of his gaze. He blinked and looked at me he was old, and in a gray cloak. A hood was upon his shaggy head. And a crooked nose pierced from his face. He smiled and watched at me intently. Before I asked what he was looking at, and if he knew the penalty for addressing a prince with such disrespect, he smiled and let out a small laugh, followed by a cough. ‘You look like a young boy I use to know. Obsessed with the appearance of honor’-I interrupted enraged. ‘You know nothing of honor old man! My father has died on the battle field you cowered to stand upon!’ I realized I was standing, breathing fast. Staring transfixed at the old man, who to my great surprise nodded. ‘Yes, you do sound exactly like a boy I once knew.’ He gazed out the window. ‘It took him a lifetime to learn the true values of life. And it was in a lethal fight with one of his childhood friends he realized life was about more then honor.’ I spat at him. ‘Stupid man! You know nothing of my pain!’ He looked back, and then wiped the saliva from his cheek. ‘There was a day when I would have cut of your for tongue for such an action.’ I took my seat again. Feeling as if I had put him in his place. Although this boy intrigued me, ‘who is the lad you speak of?’ I felt calmer now; the look he gave me seemed to soothe my nerves. He spoke quietly. ‘His name was Blankone…he once lived in this kingdom. And as a boy caused more reckless trouble then one could believe. As a man was one of the most honorable and respected men of his time, he had fearsome abilities, his enemies feared him. As did his comrades…may I tell you a tale of how he learned the truth of honor?’ I nodded, wishing to hear more of this counter part of mine. He seemed great enough. The name rung a bell, however it was no use scanning, for when this man spoke you became trapped in his voice. And so he began to spin his tale.

Blankone felt his footing for the fight to come, he slid his feet into soft dirt and eyed his opponent with curiosity wondering what deep powers he honed, however he was sure that that would all come clear in the upcoming fight. His opponent was around five feet, and his body was of a nice build. He wore no shirt, but baggy black pants and black wristbands. He looked a little intimidating to tell the truth, but Blankone had too much pride to admit something like that. His opponent was named Torch, one of his old friends. His long black hair fell in his eyes, and flowed behind his shoulders. Blankone however wore dark blue pants, with a black muscle shirt that had a slight tear in it from the previous fight. He wore a look of lax courage, and had long hair down to his neck, that was tanned a dark brown. He smiled as him and Torch locked eyes, it was as if a fight had already started, and they were battling it out within their minds. He moved his eyes quickly around, scanning his surroundings; he was in a fairly rocky area-not his ideal location for such a battle. The sun was setting and night was taking over the sky, the air was slightly chilled and the wind was soft and flowing through his hair. He let out a yell of power as he lunged forward at Torch. He watched Blankone and jumped off the ground towards fifty feet into the air, where he did a back flip and landed on the ground again, crouched. ‘You’ll need to do better then that Blankone, I expected more from a hero like you’ Blankone laughed. ‘Don’t worry, I’m just warming up, I expect to give you a good fight’ and with that they both lunged forwards at each other, grappling in mid-air. The area around them evaporated as the world spun, he saw the look in Torch’s eyes, the fierce desire to overthrow his opponent. Blankone put his best look of anger on and let go of the grapple, causing himself to fly backwards twenty feet landing on the ground gracefully. Torch did the same. There was a slight dust in the air now, and it caused vision to become scarce.

He pulled his hands into fists and jumped in the air, falling straight into Torch. He backed up one foot, to give more of a balance as he caught Blankone and threw him into a small outcropping rock that exploded as Blankone flew through it. He heard Torch laugh as he forced himself up ‘Practice runs over Torch! Get ready for the real thing!’ He heard a laugh again, ‘Whatever be your wish, the outcome is obvious’ Blankone gritted his teeth, ‘we’ll see’ he thought to himself. He lunged into the sky feeling the air cut around his face and his shirt blow through the wind. Torch had a mild look of surprise on him ‘Doing better then I thought my boy!’ He put up his arms to block, but Blankone extended his foot, sending Torch sliding through the dirt. He pushed himself up with his arms just before Blankone could punch him into the dust. Instead he caused a small indent in the battlefield. He felt the wind of Torch’s punch as he slid to the dirt and Torch flew over him, he got up quickly and made to attack from behind while Torch was recovering from the momentum. However Torch turned and unleashed a hard kick to Blankone stomach that sent him flying through the sky, landing in the soil some feet away. He surprised himself by sliding to one-way as Torch made to hammer him into earth. He then did a sweep kick, knocking Torch to the ground beside him, for a moment they looked into each other’s eyes, as friends, the old friends they used to be. He saw Torch slip a smile before he jumped into the air and landed some twenty feet away from his previous placement.  ÃƒÂ¢Ã¢â€šÂ¬Ã‹Å“Well Blankone, it pains me to admit you are indeed my toughest opponent yet in this tournament. Although I believed you to be much more powerful-however’ he reinstated when he saw the look of anger in Blankones face. ‘It is not power that overthrows an opponent, but agility, ability, and courage. You’ve given a good fight. You should be proud.’ Torch laughed just when Blankone was going to give out some compliments to Torch. ‘Although, it is no where near my ability, which your about to see.’ Blankone felt an immense flow of energy being produced from Torch. He had one of his hands in the air, and then in a split second and in several flashes he whirled it around in different directions and different ways, he shot it into the sky, then threw it out to his side, then with his other hand grasped his arm, holding it steady, but it seemed to be pulsating even with the added force. He let out a maniacal howl and yelled ‘DARKFIRE DRAGON BLAST!’ Blankone let out a gasp as a massive stream of black flames approached him. He dodged to the side, but felt his arm was hit…however it did not burn. He called out to Torch ‘ha! Your attack was so pitiful, it had came in full contact with my left arm and I felt but a tingle’ But at this Torch threw back his head, and his silk black hair. ‘You were always the over confident one Blankone. You wait’ He watched Blankone with an insane look in his face. A pain suddenly pulsated in his left arm. He grasped it, ‘What was that!’ He asked with a rage he had never felt-you were not supposed to magic in this tournament. Torch smiled ‘Well Blankone, truthfully. You were more the I could handle, so I decided to just, try out an attack I was working on.’ Blankone looked disgustedly into Torch’s eyes. ‘And you were always the cheater, if ever things seemed beyond you…you would do whatever possible to win.’ Torch nodded in silent agreement. ‘Right you are my friend, but if it pleases you any I will let you use your share or magic, if you can muster it.’ Blankone laughed. ‘You will be disqualified, so I have no need.’ Torch looked to the sides of the battlefield as two soldiers appeared from behind the rocks carrying to large broadswords. Torch didn’t even turned to face them, he simply slid his head in their direction, and then throwing up his hand sent out a large red barrier about them. They looked shocked and confused trying to free themselves. Blankone yelled to Torch ‘Let them go! They have done nothing to you, it was you who cheated!’ Torch sighed, ‘Very well, you are right Blankone.’ He looked to Blankone with his head down. Then he closed his hand and brought it to his side. There was a flashing red light. And a large explosion, the guards of the stadium had been killed. Blankone wondered if anyone had been watching… and would come to stop Torch. He knew it had been magically transformed into a dessert field. But he wondered what the spectators thought form the stands he could no longer see…did they think it was some act? Most likely he figured, no more would come, they would know not to now anyways. Blankone watched Torch intently for a moment before clenching his hands into fists. He closed his eyes and slanted his face to the ground. ‘Torch, you have done too many evils…I had always thought you died in the war, however, I was obviously wrong.’ He was shaking now, he could feel it, but this couldn’t happen, not now…he had always believed he had control of it…Torch laughed again, more sanely this time. ‘Blankone, just let me end this, and put you out of your misery.’

Blankone did not look up but said through gritted teeth. ‘Killing is against the rules my old friend, but yes…I forgot you don’t care about rules, you just want the prize money all for yourself, no matter what the consequences.’ Torch did not laugh but spoke with the air of someone who had once carried pride. ‘Lift your head Blankone.’ Blankone said quietly in reply ‘I do not take orders from dirt.’ Torch laughed, silently ‘Very well, don’t you see Blankone, this isn’t about money, this is about you and me. We’ve been friends ever since we were children. But now I wish to see who is worthy to control the Legendary Energy.’ Blankone looked up in alarm. ‘Is this what its about? The Energy? The Energy of the gods, It has been destroyed!’ Torch shook his head. ‘Liar…you’re a liar Blankone.’ Blankone stomped on the ground. ‘Torch it is destroyed, now stop this!’ Torch laughed. ‘It isn’t, its inside of you. And I’m going to take it.’ Blankone felt a look of surprise slip onto his face. But then it evaporated and anger against Torch’s arrogance overcame him…his arrogance is what started this all, ended lives. And now he seemed possessed by it. Blankone felt all the hate form inside of him explode, he was doing exactly what he didn’t want himself to do-he was becoming a Legendary Warrior. His whole body was bursting with the force, he felt his hair extend to his heels and he saw the bright yellow lights swim around him…it felt so good to do it…he had never transformed for four years now. But now that he was so starved of it for so long. It felt like he would like nothing better then to keep it forever, but he knew, to stay in it for too long would cause himself to lose all the energy within him. He knew now though, that he would not be able to return to normal until he had finished this fight. His mind didn’t control this ability, but his conscious. And it now had burst forth from him. In a flash a sparks and power. This fight was about to be finished. He heard Torch holler ‘Nice magic Blankone, I wonder if you can hit me with it.’ But this was no longer the Blankone he knew…this was the one inside. The one that had become overcome by so much rage over these four-year-he was a whole new person.  He heard himself laugh. ‘Fool, look what you’ve done, this is no magical feat. Nothing has such power as I. Prepare for your demise.’ Torch didn’t even make a reply but charged forwards aiming a punch at Blankone, who rocketed into the air. Hovering, laughing. ‘Idiot, such amateur techniques will hold only against those that are weak. Noiw that your facing a real opponent-they will do nothing to help you.’ Torch gritted his teeth ‘Come down and fight me then! With all that power I’m sure you don’t need to fly!’ Blankone felt himself laugh again. ‘If that be your wish.’ He receded to the ground. ‘Now, if there is no more complaints, let us finish our battle.’ Torch smiled ‘just for you, I’ll make it quick.’ He jumped in the air, and then swept down at Blankone with a punch, Blankone felt the punch come in contact with his hand, that had grabbed his fist and was now laughing. ‘Such power of yours is equal to a ants.’ Torch smiled, ‘Not for long!’ He unclenched his fists and locked his hands together with Blankones. Blankone felt a sensation run through him…what was happening he asked himself? But it became all to clear-Torch had drained him of his energy; he was getting weaker as he stood. Although he seemed to have a limitless amount, it was draining so fast and the hold he hand on Blankone was incredibly tight. Blankone made to punch him away with his other hand, but Torch clasped his other together with Blankones. He pushed his feet of the ground, hoping to lose him in the sky. He swung him around, Torch just kept laughing, until finally Blankone felt so much energy drain, he became to float to the ground. He had no energy to fly. He looked at Torch, Blankone saw in the reflection of his old friends eyes, his hair shorten, and his body become its weak self once more. To his immense surprise Torch then let go of him, leaving him standing there. What did he just do that for? Blankone asked himself, but it revealed itself. Torch smiled at the look on Blankones face. ‘It would be impossible to drain any energy from you now. You hardly have any left, and I want a punching bag for my new abilities.’  He laughed. Blankone scowled, ‘You dirty cheater.’ Torch did a few stretches on the dirt. ‘Actually, if you never transformed, this would never have happened, you have only to blame yourself.’ Blankone knew this was true…how could he have allowed that. Torch then smiled, ‘shall we get this over with?’ Blankone didn’t answer, Torch sighed ‘My, I cant imagine that, being destroyed with your own energy and then, allowing the last person you would want in the world, complete control of it.’

 His eyes flashed dangerously. ‘Don’t worry, this will be quick, couple punches, maybe few broken bones, then I’ll hang you from your feet and laugh for a bit, and if your lucky, even explain to you why you could never rival someone like me.’ Blankone looked at Torch…he had all of his energy, he felt as weak as a dieing man. His arm throbbed now, and his pride was etching and scratching his insides. Fighting to pull itself together once more. He looked around, there was no way the people would let him just die would they? Yeah, he answered his own question, Yeah they would. It would be so amusing. Anger surged through him, through every portion of his body he felt if he did not do something to release it, he would explode. But all that would happen know would be a flurry of weak kicks and even weaker punches. He doubted he could even land one on the new Torch. He knew his power…he knew its limits. But Torch didn’t, he knew how to control it to a degree…but only to a degree. Soon he would have to learn how to harness all of it, or it would take over him…just as it had Blankone so many times…in a flash Torch had appeared behind Blankone, who had just turned his head when Torch’s foot came in contact with Blankone’s back. A huge pain erupted inside of him. He flew forwards through to large outcropping rocks, and then opened his eyes to malice filled laughter. He put on hand on the dirt, and then with his other placed it next to the other. He pressed his eyes together as he tried to push himself from the grave he lay in. As he lifted himself he noticed tears streaming into the dirt. So many memories flooded through him, back to when he and Torch had played pranks on their sword instructors, and then when they had snuck out one night to try to capture and bring back a werewolf. He shut his eyes tight, trying to push these thoughts from his head. So much had changed since then. Things were so different…he went back to his memories…they had entered the forest and had found a real live werewolf it had tried to attack them, deep in the forest. Luckily for them Blankone’s father had followed them in an attempt to see what they were up to. When the werewolf had shown up, he leapt from the trees and drew his blade slaying the wolf. Blankone felt a smile cross his face as he heard Torch commenting at his new power in the background…he scanned his thoughts for what had happened after that…something…something that had given him his first taste of pride. He now remembered, his father had turned to the two gravely. He then lectured them about how he had murdered and animal because of their foolishness. But Blankone and Torch couldn’t help but laugh at the face he had on…one of such stern honor. Blankone now knew that face…he wore it. His father even couldn’t hold a straight face, a smile widened across it. ‘You two were just like me and my friends when we were children.’ This had always brought joy to Blankone…that was the first day he respected his father truly. He had left them there telling them if they could bring the werewolf back to the kingdom they could claim they had slain it. Which was a lie at the time. He watched as his father sprinted through the woods so as not to look like they had received any assistance. Blankone and Torch dragged one paw each through the forest talking to whole time about the night’s events. That’s when it happened, a roar was heard in the depth of the forest, then a sound of running feet, and then the body of a fully-grown werewolf. The one that lay slain at their feet was obviously a child, as this one was double its size. Blankone felt a kick in the stomach and was brought back down to earth. ‘Sleeping on the job are you? Now, I thought you agreed to a good fight.’ Blankone felt himself hit a rock then slide off to the ground, Torch’s laughing was still audible in the distance, but he now wanted to focus as much as possible on these memories…the happiest times of his life. He thought back…what had happened then, a rope and sewn it together at once he recalled. The werewolf stood on its hind legs standing eight feet tall, its snout was long and its jaws massive, it snapped them menacingly. Pronouncing its rage. There was a howl and it leapt into the air towards them this was apparently its young. It landed ten feet from Blankone and Torch and advanced slowly sniffing the air and growling. It knocked logs out of its path with ease. Torch stepped forward, being a year older then Blankone he was licensed to use his blade and carry it at his waist as long as it was sheathed. He drew it at once and spoke in his most noble voice. ‘I am Torch of Jerecene…you…your attack…it is…a …err… terrible crime!’ He slashed the sword and swung it around recklessly. The wolf withdrew back for a moment, then slashed Torch’s arm with its claw, he dropped the blade and grabbed his arm, it was bleeding incredibly fast. He fell backwards over a fallen tree. Blankone looked from his wounded friend to the wolf now moving in for the kill. Surprising himself bravery flowed through him and he lunged for the blade. The wolf turned and made a swipe at Blankone who ducked.

 Being only ten this was a pretty low duck. And the wolf had needed to kneel over to make a swipe. Blankone then saw its gray stomach in his face; its hair was in his face. With a courageous yell he stabbed the blade into the animal then pulled it out, the wolf let out a howl as Blankone backed away. It made another swipe, this one very clumsy. It hit a tree and Blankone got it in the side with the blade, which he then withdrew again. It howled in fury then got Blankone, square in the face with its head. He felt himself fly backwardsand the sword fly from his grasp, and then land in a bush; he struggled to get up but couldn’t seem to get himself from the shrub. The wolf then opened its mouth and went forward Blankone kicked it in the jaw and it shook its head, then jumped onto Blankone, pinning him down with all fours about to rip him apart. When a shout arose and Torch jumped upon its back, and with the sword in hand stabbed it through the neck. It fell down, and Torch had to work with Blankone to push it off. ‘Oomph’ Blankone had been punched in the stomach by Torch. Who’s wide smile seemed to float off his face… He laughed insanely as he watched Blankone contort in pain. ‘Idiot, this new power is incredible. I must thank you really.’ He then jumped off of him and turned to the invisible crowd, hand sin the air calling to them, mocking Blankone in every way he could. He went back to his memories. They had managed to move the wolf from Blankone…and then he couldn’t remember quiet how, seeing as he was so young had brought it back to the kingdom. Along with the other wolf, from then on him and Torch were enrolled in the best sword academy in the city. There fame as the ten and eleven year olds who ended to werewolves life’s in a darkened forest and dragged them back to them kingdom. Blankones father no longer saw Blankone as a trouble making menstruate but noble swordsmen. From then on he and torch were inseparable, best friends through everything. He had even tried to protect Blankones father who had saved his life in the battle at Jerecene between he and Sephron.  But he was so different now…obsessed. He had slowly begun to loathe Blankone over these past few years. Despises him for his skill… this was not the Torch Blankone remembered. He suddenly crashed back to earth; he lifted himself from the dirt. Deep inside he had all the energy he could ever hope for…he just needed it to awaken. He stood up, facing Torch, who turned surprised. Blankone clenched his hands into fists. ‘WHO ARE YOU!’ the energy that had been long dormant released itself it a flurry of sparks and rage. Torch smiled ‘not bad Blankone..not bad at all’ He charged forward at Torch who put up and arm to block himself but was sent sliding through the dirt. Blankone yelled and as Torch made to jump in the air, flew in front of him, and then with both hands together bashed him to earth. There was a huge crash and Torch’s groan could be heard. ‘d**n you…d**n you to hell.’ But then Blankone heard himself speak. ‘It was not always this way ….my friend. At a time we cared not about power, but of friendship. Where has that friendship gone?’ Then he heard Torch hiss. ‘You idiot! Through my whole life you set standards. If I wasn’t up to you in our training I would be disciplined, sure our instructors loved you, since you had done so much. A best swordsman in Jerecene was it? Well now that OVER!’ A blast of purple light flashed and Torch flew upwards, Blankone moved out of the way and called out to him. ‘THINK ABOUT WHAT YOUR DOING TORCH! LET THIS BE PUT BEHIND US!’ Torch drew a breath. Then Blankone continued more calmly. ‘Let us be equals, not rivals.’ Torch let out a breath before speaking these words. ‘We are not equals, that has now been made clear to me. Deep inside of you lies such a fighting spirit that cannot be comprehended. I know of it, such power you had when you blew me through the earth just now.’ Blankone shook his head. ‘Torch, my power is no different then yours. It lies in my feelings. As does everyone’s’ Torch let out a hollow laugh. ‘Sorry Blankone, the past is exactly what it is-the past, this is the future. And I welcome it!’ He charged forwards at Blankone who getting caught off guard got a kick in the stomach. He let out a small gasp then turned to face Torch, who stood behind him, he watched as his fist made a movement towards Blankones face.

 He grabbed it with his hand. ‘Reason obviously has no place with you Torch’ a snide grin was all Blankones reply was. ‘Reason has no place on the battlefield. What happened to the Blankone I knew…the hardened Blankone.’ Blankone frowned ‘even that Blankone didn’t turn on his friends.’ Torch shook his head as he took back his fist and floated a few feet away. ‘We were friends Blankone, and don’t for a second think I had forgotten about the memories we share. No, despite my efforts they remain etched in my skull. As if laughing at me, we shared fun times but hey are now gone.’ Blankone put out his hand. ‘They don’t have to be’ Torch shook his head and a tear rolled down his cheek. He looked away. ‘I didn’t always have this obsession. I use to enjoy the way you got so much attention, I was happy for you. But then you set standards of which I had to meet. You set standards for everyone. And everyone was forced to his or her limits. You…you alone seemed to have a sort of energy, and energy no one else had. You were the best, but the kindest and the funniest, until you began to become obsessed with your stupid pride, your honor.’ He sighed and clenched his hands into fists. ‘I envied you Blankone, your father was proud of you. My father and mother never got a chance to see me…no…they were the great fighters I had to live up to. My aunt and uncle encouraged…forced me to be a fighter. Meeting my mother and father’s standards was enough work for me at that time. But then you started setting new standards, even ones my father could not achieve. You were Jerecenes hero. And I had faded into the background. Just another soldier…’ Blankone dropped to the dirt then looked up at Torch, who dropped after him. They touched the ground and stared at each other. ‘It was not my choice to become so straight, and noble. But the lords, I was literally forced-as you’ he added looking at Torchs face. ‘To complete tasks, change myself completely, I suppose the figured if I did it, then the rest would as well. Believe me Torch. The decision wasn’t mine. But now…now I know the definition of noble…and honor. It is not to listen to your instructor. Nor to carry your blade correctly, that may make you look more disciplined. But not noble, nobility is inside everyone. Every time you do something nice, help someone out. You’re being noble. It’s not winning wars, killing as many creatures as you can. That’s barbaric, not noble, honor is whatever you wish it to be, and you set your own standards for how honorable you are. No one else.’ Torch looked at Blankone, a smile slipped across it. ‘You still love to hear your own voice.’ There was a silence, in which they stared, Blankone didn’t know whether to laugh, or to scowl. But then a chuckle escaped from Torch’s lips, not the maniacal insane chuckle from the crazed rival minutes ago, but a chuckle from a laughing friend. Blankone laughed as well and they approached each other and shook hands. ‘We are equals, no more. No less. Let nothing come between our friendship again.’ Torch nodded. ‘Next time we fight, let it be side be side, not against each other.’ In a flash the desert landscape was gone and a roaring stadium lay in its wake. Blankone and Torch stood to the center. There was a silence. And then a man walked out asking them which had forfeited. The laughed and Torch responded. ‘Both of us’ they raised their hands into the air and the crowd erupted in applause.

I broke out of my trance; it had felt as though I was watching the whole battle. I became suddenly aware that the bar was a bustle and night had fallen outside. People were dancing on tables on a fight was occurring in the back. I looked to the old man. ‘Who are you?’ he laughed. ‘I was a legend; obviously the royalty of this land has forgotten me. The warrior that defended the realms so vigorously.’ I broke in. ‘you were he! It was you? You are Blankone?’ He nodded his head quietly. ‘My father died just as yours, as did my mother. I grew up with a sorcerer and was trained most of my life. I had entered that battle because a lord of a realm, although I have forgotten which one. Had asked me to prove my powers to him, to prove I had saved his kingdom.’ He sighed staring at the table. Which now had been cast into shadow. ‘That was a long time ago, pride had taken me. I wished for the respect of everyone. Now I wish only for peace.’ I stood up. ‘Why did you not help us in the war! We needed you!’ Blankone shook his head. ‘I don’t hone the prowess I use to. Such energy does not lie within me any longer. Soon I will die. And move on.’  I grabbed his hand and held it tightly. ‘Before you go I ask you of one thing. Can you teach me to hone such power?’ Blankone laughed. ‘Your feelings hone all of your strength, believing in yourself is all the power you could ever need.’

That was the last time I saw Blankone. When midnight came I left the tavern, then remembering my pouch of shillings returned. When I came to our table he was gone out of sight. I picked up my pocket of gold and silver. Stared around the bar for a moment, then turned to leave. Bearing a slight smile.
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Try splitting this up into paragraphs. It's too long to read the way it is.
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