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Revenge’s War
« on: July 14, 2005, 02:35:26 PM »
OOC: Okay here’s my extra rules, please don’t OOC alone and then expect to have another post after that. If you have a plain OOC, PM me. That’s pretty much it!

‘In the day, the summer sky was filled with black clouds of a summer’s rain. Deep sapphire eyes glittered amongst the warm sheets of rain as she picked through the strawberry fields. No more than eight years old and dancing in between the mud puddles, her simple white dress tore from running through the forest and dirty from the newly made mud. Her laughs echoed with the rolling of the thunder- basket in hand as she danced up and down the columns of strawberries, plucking, wiping, even taking some up and eating them. The sweet juice dribbling down her chin as the rain washed her dirty blond hair...

In one moment of pureness and innocence there came a rolling from under her feet as she stopped in the middle of the strawberry field. The rain splashed her eyelash as she blinked to hear the echoing of the thunder and a faint scream. It was her mother. Dropping the basket and running as fast as she could from the four acres of solid strawberry fields, her heart beat rapidly and then she stopped to see the lightening.

Turning around another drop fell down her eyelash as she blinked it away and up on her half-hill she could see and feel the running of many people. Continuing to hear her mother scream in her mind, she turned and picked up the pace where she had left off. In no time, she slipped in a mud puddle and fell on her hands and knees. Getting up seemed to be the only thing as she brushed off the small scratched from twigs in the mud; she ran.

The vibrations seemed to quicken as did her pace- her breath almost caught in her throat as she continued down the strawberry patches. As the vibration came up behind her a large hand picked up the back of her collar and thrusted her over the horse, turning around. The last thing the girl saw was a sword coming towards her mother and then another rain drop fell on her eye as she blinked that away, warmer tears rolling down her face. “Mama- No!� She screamed.’

Even to the best of us, things happen, where a journey lies, war lies. Where love lies, deception and defeat lies. To tell the truth is to tell a lie...

The summer thunder started rolling in once more, during the middle of the night. Serenity had been sleeping when the thunder echoed into her ears as green eyes shot open. It had been a long day from training and she was restless to the point of giving up another night of sleep. She pulled her tattered blanket over her shoulders and stood up, her legs throbbing- telling her to lie down or they would surely crumble.

She took that risk- her life to live was nothing more than a promise and a risk. She moved her long brown hair aside from her face and stepped out of the tent she had been sharing with six other girls her age. ‘Ten years.’ For ten years she had the same nightmare in her thoughts, dreams and mind. Her only will power seemed to be that girl screaming for her mother before a sword plummeted her esophagus.

Serenity shivered and walked around a large bon fire where mostly male soldiers sat around watching the camp and any sign of people leaving. Her green eyes glittered off the yellow firelight as she sat down on a log staring into the pits of the fire. Her high cheek boned face, full lips and caramel skin. She wore nothing fancy but a pair of leather pants, boots, leather belt with her long sword (only given to her during practice), and a white shirt. Most of the girls pleaded for a dress or something soft against their skin since the raw material of leather rode up, defining the curvy legs and round buttocks. The soldiers always had an eye for the women who fought more so then the men.

“Afraid of the dark are we?� A solider by the name of Heedgore mocked. In a play, he pretended to shiver, his clean bald head, neatly shaven as well as his bear and crooked nose. He had dark brown eyes and a body built on solid muscle. Nobody in camp ever had a body that was lose, everything had to be lean- if there was a problem, they had no problem of breaking your body down and working it until you died. If you showed weakness- they break you down. Her green eyes danced from the void into his brown ones, the flames licked across his face as he sat on the other side of the fire. She had no expression but pure hatred. Lightening flashed at her stare as she glared at him and he met that gaze, cold and hard.

“I’ll kill you.� A grin came across her full lips and in a mocking tone with the echo of the thunder. “You can try sweet cheeks. I won’t mind breaking you down tonight.� He grinned at her, knowing how serious she was. He had always watched her, liked watching her and when she fought, she fought with more of a fist than a weapon. Sometimes she would go off and cut herself just to beet the living daylight out of a girl who was her friend, or at least in his mind was her friend.

In the flash of a lightening she threw down her blanket and jumped across the bonfire, reaching out for him and for his throat. He sat back and picked up her unexpected surprise, thrusting her over his shoulders as she pulled him, bare muscles rippling through her short sleeved shirt. She fell on top of him, pinning his large barbaric arms by her legs and wrapping her arms around his throat. He choked out sounds in his mouth, his thick neck wiggling. Two guards about the size of Heedgore came up behind her and picking her up to the floor. Blood trickled down both of their lips as he stood up to regain strength and wiped his mouth, spitting on the floor.

Serenities dark hair spilled down over her shoulders as her green eyes looked up just enough to meet his untamed smile. In that moment, when he got close enough, she kicked him in the gut- well tried to as he caught her foot and threw it back to the floor. In more anger, her face flushed pink as the two guards managed to pin the back of her legs by their foot and shoved her down to the floor, the rain trickling down as the soil turned soggy. She grunted as he parted her hair and leaned in. “See you in training sweet cheeks.� She struggled even more, finding it harder to move as they pressed her points, finally able to get her to stop fighting and picked her up, caring her to the Box.

Yes, the box. A cage where heavily made bars were only inches apart. At the top was a metal door where the lock was on the outside and guards stood on top. The base was the same, heavy metal doors. She clutched the bars once she was in and like many people before her; she tried to kick the top to get anything loose.
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