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Some cool weapons
« on: September 02, 2004, 05:09:04 PM »
here are some weapons i was pondering:

Jointed Truncheon

The jointed truncheon is a huge nightstick hinged in the middle so it has a whiplash action. Obviously a cleric weapon but a spiked variety could be wielded by a fighter. The ideal way to use one is called a "cossack strike".
One winds up for a big hit(time consuming) and then swings the club full force. But, at the moment before impact you pull back, the hinge action makes the club snap like a whip and shatter any skull, or ribcage, or femur, in its path. Since its such a big swing it is easy to dodge but lordie help anyone it connects with.[OOC]I got the idea from a KGB interrogator i read about who used something similar[/OOC]It could also be used on moderately thin walls. The truncheon is made of super dense, heavy rubber and is bound in thick leather like a blackjack. its about 30 inches long, with the hinge almost in the middle.

Elastic corded mace
A tempered steel ball, spiked or not according to personal taste, on a cord fashioned from the skin of amphibians. the cord, when not stretched, its two feet. It can expand to ten feet, and snap back.
an interesting use that may involve two characters:
The first PC holds the cord while the other stretches the iron ball as far as it will go behind the first PC. Then, the second PC releases the ball and both of them duck as it snaps like a rubber band at anything within 10 feet directly in front of first PC.This consumes one turn for each PC stretching back the cord, and one turn each to release the steel ball. just a thought.[OOC]kind of like wile cyote when the rock in the slingshot blasts him in the face.[/OOC]

[OOC]thats it for now, feel free to comment[/OOC]

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Re: Some cool weapons
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2004, 07:29:38 AM »
Quote from: "Czernobog"
Jointed Truncheon

It is called a nunchaku. Though the torturer's version is a mechanical joint, rather than a cord. See www.nunchaku.org/

Quote from: "Czernobog"
Elastic corded mace

Have you ever wondered why weapons like this don't exist?  Controlling coil or chain weapons is hard enough, adding elastic would only make swinging and controlling moe difficult.  In addition to that, after every swing the weapon would retract back towards the user. If the mace was heavy enough to do damage, the recoil from any strike would apply great force to the user.  So you would spend more time keeping this thing from hitting yourself than spending time on target hitting other people.

If you think this is a great weapon, tie a 1 Kg weight to a piece of elastic and swing it around.  You will see why people did not use this weapon in the real world.

The only elastic weapon that has seen much use in the real world was the YoYo. It uses a cord with some give.

In case you have not played Rygar or know about Aviadic history, the weapon Yo-Yo is two large buzz saw blades connected by a spindle.  It is thrown rather than swung normally. The blades spin as the cord uncoils. It was also used as a blocking weapon.
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Re: Some cool weapons
« Reply #2 on: December 08, 2004, 02:56:08 AM »
Quote from: "MoonHunter"
It is called a nunchaku.

Or a flail.

The "elastic cord with metal ball" only fails conceptually if the cord is attached to the ball.  Then, the principles of elasticity will cause the weapon to target the holding person more effectively than the actual target.  It's very 3 Stooges. If the ball & elastic cord aren't connected, and a device other than someone's body is used, then the idea works rather well.  This is how the oldest catapults & ballistae worked. Tension from a coiled rope slung a rock forward towards the enemy.
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