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Alternitive for a Light Saber

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Pirate Penguin:
So far all i have come up with is the Viroblade idea from KOTOR. So I thought I would call upon strolen's galactic database.

LEts see

Stasis Blade  A piece of mono-filiment wire suspended in a forcefield/ stasis field.  Since one molecule thin wire can cut anything, you see how this goes.
(Known Space)

Ripper Blade:  A sword like arrangement.  Tiny teeth and spun along the edges by a powerful motor in the handle.  Good for ripping flesh.  BattleTech or Warhammer had this one.

ForceBlade: A forcefield shaped like a blade.  Power cell in hilt.  More believable than many power swords

Plasmasword: Unleash plasma into a magnetic bottle that makes it sword blade shaped.  Basically a light saber without the laser.

There are more, but that is all I can think of right now.

Chainsword - A vicious weapon revealed by Warhammer 40K, essentially a combat chainsaw held with a sword grip. Looks heavy and cumbersome but can be used to horrific effect against light or unarmored targets. Plus, the action of the chain would actually pull the weapon into or through a victim.

Moonhunters Ripper blade

Cheka Man:
Thoughtblade-Only useable by a powerful wizard or someone with a very deep grudge.The person creates the deadly blade with his or her mind. It has the advantage that if the person drops the weapon by mistake the blade will vanish until he/she can pick up the hilt so it cannot be used on it's owner.The disadvantage is that keeping the Thoughtblade *on* for a long time is tiring.

Wizards can concentrate their minds well enough to use it, whilst someone with a deep enough grudge will be able to use their anger to form the blade.

The water blade.

In efect this type of "blade" is used these days by many bakkers to cut cake, but refined versions of this are used to cut stainless steel as well.

Now first of, you would believe that you would need to have gallons and gallons of water to create a sword, but in effect the whole idea is to have water squirting out of the handle of your sword at a high speed, but the width of the beam would be very small. (like the stasis blade proposed by moonhunter, the thickness of the blade should be mere microns.)

You know what the biggest problem for this type of blade is?
First to get the beam fine enough, but once that is achieved, how are you going to assure that the blade is not going to be too long. The first couple of inches might be strong enough to cut thru steel (even inch thick steel) but to create a beam like that, the water would be able to cut thru unprotected flesh maybe as much as ten feet away.



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