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Luke Lavin:
OOC: This is the only OOC post I wish to see in this thread.  This is for the people that skipped the Galaxt Depression in the setting Forge and OOC chat.

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A red siren light flared marking the end of a very long day for miner Amos Knight.  He hefted the power hammer on his shoulder and headed down the tunnel back to security checkpoint.  He waved at another red Powersuited miner who came out of a branching tunnel.

"d**n Warden had me up working near of vein of cordite the whole day." Duke's voice buzzed across the tight beam transmiter that allowed for communication in the mineral filled mines.  

"How is your suit?" Amos grunted in reply, a certain amount of worry in his voice.  Cordite was highly corrisive and was used in it's liquid state for high energy batteries.  The guards made any miner with a damaged suit repair it himself in detention.  Which usually meant missing meal period and loosing presicious hours.

"I think I got some damage on my left manipulator some of the sutff liquified when I was extracting some and burned part of my elbow actuator." Duke groaned back.  

Amos nodded his head sympatheticly, guards were brutal on the miners especially if they could find something to make life more miserable for them, it was the only joy they could take.

As they approached the security checkpoint a blue powersuited guard waving a stun baton menacing grinned. "Well, well what have we here?"

"Come on man I've been in that d**n cordite tunnel for eightteen hours let me off will ya?" Duke muttered, "You don't want to me messing with me today."

"What is that insubordination I here?!  Here's some mercy for ya!"  The guard raised the stun baton and meant to bring down on Duke, letting the electricity fry him.  

"Bad move, ass clown." Duke shouted, grabbing the baton he snapped it out of the guards grip.  He shoved it in the guards face plate and flipped it on, then shoved it further stabbing the electryfing spokes into the guards helmet there was a muffled scream and the guard dropped his face plate.  

"Holy s**t, man!" Amos shouted.  

"Amos take this," Duke handed him the 12mm auto pistol the guard had for back up.  "I'm part of Faction 1105 and the revolution is beginning now, brother."

This shift is finally almost over! He thought to himself. Twelve hours of watching security camera feeds and tracking securiy equipment malfunction had Krya's brain almost fried. He moved his light blue hand toward a selector knob and switched the main monitor to a camera in shaft 18.

But what was this?! He leaned in toward the monitor and stared wide eyed and slack-jawed as a miner grabbed a guard's baton and killed him with it. Krya gasped as the miner tossed the guard's auto-pistol to his companion. Was this guy crazy? How did he expect to get away with this?! The guards would kill them all!

Krya began switching the other monitors to other cameras in shaft 18, not wanting to lose sight of these mutinous miners. If only they could survive long enough to gain support from the othe miners, or maybe even that Faction 1105 that everyone heard rumors about. Imagine if they could over throw the guards and take over the mines.....

Luke Lavin:
It was only few seconds before the guards at the next station arrived they came with stun batons out.  Obviouslt they hadn't Amos yet only Duke, the guards didn't even bother hurling curses they came at Duke with batons waving menacly.  Duke's words rang in Amos' ears.  Faction 1105.  Revolution.  Yes, he did owe these basterds some pay back, whole friggin cart loads of pay back.  Amos walked through the security check point grinning of course for the camera.  

"Who is the digging their own grave now, punk." Amos said quoting a favorite holomovie he had seen.  Then pulled the trigger, the first two shots went ride to the right the third shot grazed the guards helmet, the fourth him in the left side of his forhead and took away half his brain.  The pistol's ammunition preserver clicked to stop him from emptying the clip.  A second guard started for his pistol while the third came running at Duke with the stun baton.  

Just as the second guard got his pistol out Amos squeezed the trigger again his aim better this time he fired only two shots.  The first shot went between his legs and plowed into the rock floor, the second shot kneecapped the guard.  Duke met the third guard head and blocked stun baton swing with his baton and shoulder the man into the rock.  Miner's powersuits were bulky and more powerful that had to deal with the hazards of mining.  Singsing knew that dead workers were workers not working so it kept them better equiped than most of it's employees for survival in hazerdous enviroments.  The powersuit smashed the man into a pulp in his light padded armor vacsuit against the rock wall.  

"Good ridance," Duke mutterd.  He walked over to the wailing security guard took his pistol and executed him with his own gun which he had forgotten.  

"Nice work, Amos."

"Thanks," Amos said riding down his adrenilin rush.  

"We need to get out of this mine and into the barracks and free our other brothers and sisters and spread the revolution." Duke said handing amos two clips he had picked up from the guard and taking the third guard's gun and spare clip that he had dropped.

"Alright but I once this is done I want to take down the Warden.  Too many years have been wasted here with forced labor."  Amos said bloodlust in his voice.

"Don't worry Amos, we'll get that basterd and alot of other basterds too.  Alot of punishment needs to be spread around here." Duke replied, "The lift shaft is upahead lets go and see if any others are left."

About halfway to the lift shaft, Amos and Duke were greeted with an interesting sight. A miner in full gear, was holding a guard against the wall and a few inches off the floor by the throat. The guard had a stun-baton in hand, but for some reason was not using it. As the two get closer, they would notice the reason for this: The miners glove was not on the hand he was choking with, and the neck of the guard seemed to be... well, decomposing at an alarming rate. The Sychrian miner was using his biological manipulation gift as a weapon, destroying the mans throat. A few seconds later, the guard slumped dead to the ground - his head only half-attatched to his body - followed closely by the miner, who fell to his knees, exhausted by his effort. He rose his hands to his miners helm and drew it off. Black, matted hair was mixed with sweat and blood, and his black eyes were half-closed. Though he looked extremely similar to a human, it was obvious by his actions that he was Sychrian.

At the sound of Duke and Amos's footsteps however, The exhausted miner scrambled up to a standing position, before stumbling and lowering to a kneel, too tired to stand for the moment. He backed away slightly, raising his hands protectively in front of him. "Wait! Please! He... he threw me against the wall for no reason! He deserved it! I... Don't kill me!"

Luke Lavin:
Duke pulled back his helmet screen revealing a pale face that bulged with muscles, red firey hair and stuble covered his head and face. But his face instead of anger greeted the man with a smile full of joy.  Amos mimiced his motion revealing pale white skin over thick muscles but he had hazel eyes contrasting to Duke's own green, and slightly longer black hair.  

"My brother do not worry about what you have done to this beast surely deserved that death more than anyone.  I am Duke and this is comrad Amos we are Faction 1105 and I tell you the Revolution has begun!"  Duke said, he had a distinct flair for drama.  

"Join with us friend we are going to free our brothers and sisters in the barrack and spread the revolution.  Anyone who has been ground under the heal of these evil creatures who mimic humans but do not have human feelings."  Duke said.

Amos extended his hand a gesture of distinct trust since most people were afraid of Sychrians touching them.  "Tonight is the beginning of new era, lets make it happen."  

"Take cover comrads here they come!" Duke said pulling his helmet screen down.  The elevator came down with four guards three had riot shields and pistols and one wielded a shotgun.  

Amos bent low and quickly handed the dead guard's autopistol to the Sychrian pushing him behind a stalagmite. Amos grabbed cover behing a nook in the wall while Duke took cover behind another stalagmite.  "Get ready!"


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