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The original, quoted, still works. But we have moved on to bigger and better things. Post your google link if you want me to add it. I will eventually upgrade it to a form so it will be automatic, but a little too busy on V2.0 to mess with that at the moment. Very easy and quick for me to manually update so will do it that way for now.


Just when you thought it was safe.


Of course Google has an API that allows you to import their maps and make your own overlays!!! And of course there are a multitude of people that make those API's even easier to use. So of course, when I stumbled upon it quite on accident, I had to throw it up really quick.

This is the script I am using and it is a VERY simple interface. The most important instructions for me adding people is this:

--- Quote ---To add a marker on your map, go to maps.google.com, double-click on the point you want to mark on your map and click on "Link to this page". Note: you must double-click or drag the map, not just search for an address. Now copy the resulting URL
--- End quote ---

and paste it here and I will add it. You can also add a few lines of text like I did. Once there are more people in it I will remove the auto opened bubble so that you have to click on it to see information.

(For those that dug down to see where I live, I put myself on Little Rock AFB which is about 8 miles from Cabot. That large building is really where I work though. Thought it was more interesting to look at then a freeway and a few buildings in downtown Cabot.)


--- Quote from: Old Crappy Map that is now obsolete ---'Ware the popups, but a fun little toy none-the-less. Post yourself up there so we can figure out where everybody is from.

--- End quote ---

Michael Jotne Slayer:
Why did I not recive a flag? Did I do something wrong, did i place my little man in the water? What if he is drowning?

I am in the water too, no worries. There was a choice to add a flag when you put your person on the map. Do you want me to delete you so you can do it again?

Michael Jotne Slayer:
It is okay strolen, I would not want you to be worried by such petty matters.
As long as my little man does not drown that is :D

Danu Raven Nightshade:
not many there yet is there...


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