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The World of the Azure District

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Michael Jotne Slayer:
I like this plot story. It makes the place become more alive right away.
I consider it a good way of fleshing out a setting or a place.
Once there is a story surrounding it my imagination sparks further possible
ideas. I am talking in general now, not only conserning the Azure district.

So where are we at this point.  We need a rest of the world.

thinking... thinking....

I could go against personal type and put together a para-european tolkienesk psuedo-medieval world.

Okay. that is over.

I am thinking a Mercedes Lackey/ Heralds sort of world. Central Kings/ Queens, nobles ruling over estates/ regions, people not bound to the land but tied to it due to taxes or indentured debt. (What is the German concept for Good Tennant?).  I am thinking a single church, with one (or more) gods aspects. Even if there are more than one diety, if you are a cleric you are a servant of all of them.  

The world needs strong central authorities. It needs a culture that spans several countries (like a religion).  There was once a big empire (perhaps run by magical senators/ nobles) but it has fallen.  


I just revived this setting. I am working on a prison from the same world. maybe I will do a check list for the setting.

I am thinking about this setting again. So which things need to be done.

It is a world where magic is not "wonderful". Certain magics are listed as downright "Evil" in popular opinion, law, and faith (Summon and entreating of demons and spirits, mind magics (including telepathy, charm, and sleep), magics that can harm (what other purpose does fireball serve but to be a weapon... so what does a civilian mage need with that?), soul bindings, etc). Magic has been associated with assassinations, rebellions, evil overlords (including the creation of orcs and other evil races), and so on... thus is not seen as a positive thing. Thus some magic is acceptable, but needs to be closely scruitinized.

Practioners are licensed by the local government/ church... certified, just like scientists and doctors were in the Late Medieval/ Renaissance period of Europe. Where magic can be safely practiced (for others to avoid being accidently tainted) is restricted. Given their history with magic, as I see it, they seem very justified.

Things to be Done

*Magic of the Azure District
     This should be a system of magic with a little work
     It should also include some elements of its Dark Magic.

*History of Magic for the World of the Azure District.
  Why magic is revilled, why it has to be quarentines
  This can be appended onto any world.
      Then the local wizardly aid to last "Time of Troubles"

*The Order of Argalas - Witchhunters

*Hexel Manacles (Spell stopping things)

Religion of the World of the Azure District (maybe)  (on second thought take any of my monotheistics that allow for magic or any centralized church.

World of Azure District.   Of course this is attached to my mercenaries pieces

Azure District       Locations  (Neighborhoods)  (Any)
The district gets its name by the good sized walls that are painted a bright blue that mark the magic district. That wall is watched by the Witchhunter guard.
Helioglyph's       Locations  (Establishment)  (Other)
Helioglyph (his magical name) is a Talismonger, a maker of charms, talismans, holy items, and so on. This is the place where those seeking fine craftsmanship and good symbolism come. If you are looking for enchanted items, go elsewhere.

Summer Word Aka Helioglyph       NPCs  (Minor)  (Mercantile)
Some time magic users are less magical than one expects.

Blue'd Tower       Locations  (Fortification)  (Any)
Most towers and baileys are defensive, protecting defenders from attackers. This keep tower and bailey is used to protect everyone else from what is within. 

Perhaps magic has been used along too many changes of the system, so it has been denigrated by anyone that was threatened by it. And once the hate-campaign is started, it may never need to stop.

If magic is not too weak and hard to get, there need to be effective weapons against it. Perhaps the Witchhunters have a magicial tradition of its own (besides the glyph thing), of which the only purpose is to find, resist, and break apart any magics. Could be a purely spiritual technique, so they could still believe that with a mere force of will, they can resist the evil powers of the witches they guard people against. Their devotion would make them pretty dangerous, so most magic-users would think twoce before performing any spells in the public.


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