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Another norwegian joins up

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Ancient Gamer:
Strolen; you have the best rpg-site on the web.

Ahem, I tried to find the answer to the following in the forum rules section;
whats up with the htaccess dialog boxes in the ideas/items/plots section?

I am sure you have answered this 1000 times before, but oblige me please =)

Ahh, my newest norwgian.

The dreaded dialog boxes. Only one other poor unfortunate soul has had the ill luck to experience these dreaded malforms and I have yet to be able to duplicate the unfortunate attacks on my visitor's sanity.

My efforts in discovering the culprit have been empty but the mob will be formed again with torches supplied by me and we will walk the streets of the citadel until I find the bastard line of code that would dare haunt us.

Silly Pop-Up

It was a grizzly battle, touch and go for a time, but I think it is down...and this time for good.

Second Norwegian in two weeks! (Or something thereabouts)
How are the fjords and fields?


Michael Jotne Slayer:
Vær hilset

Står det til i din del av landet eller?

We are not invading, were still on the scouting stage...


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