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Greetings from the Fjords in Norway

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Michael Jotne Slayer:

I was googling for roleplay related stuff when I stumbled upon this fine site. I am fiddling with a Norwegian roleplaying game, and this is a good place to read and draw inspiration. Since I am currently quite bussy I can sadly not contribute to often, but I will do my wery best to write a few words here as time passes.

I must once again say that this is a great recource and people seem to take their work seriously, that is something you do not find to often on the internet.         


Welcome to the site, Michael :)

Even if you cannot contribute often, its good to know there are people like you appreciating the information in this site. Feel free to offer comments and votes on any submission in the main page, and to give your thoughts in any topic in the forums.

Adel a quiet elf girl giggles in the corner, " You might find this sight contagious were you can't help but pop in!it is nice to meet you and might I say your english is quite good! :D hope to chat with you more!"

Yo, Mikey.
How's Scandinavia today?

Michael Jotne Slayer:
Thank you for greeting me so fast, it warms my icy northern heart and makes me feel welcome. Thud far I have actually been quite intrigued by some of the debates. And in some spots I have written a few words. I will try to stop by as often as I can.

CP: Scandinavia is brilliant today :up:


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