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1) What is this area?
This is area where games that are no longer active go to be archived, eventually to be deleted some time in the far future.

2) What do you mean no longer active?
No one is expressing interest in the game. Mostly, this is: people are no longer posting to the game. A game with many posts will have a longer period of fallow (no posts) before it is archived.

There is no hard and fast rule for how long a game will stay up, but the more posts the more leeway before the game is archived. If the game with some posts is quiet for two or so months, it may be archived. If it has few to no posts, thirty days. If it has a large number of posts, then it can go for as long as six month before being considered for the archive.

3) "But I love this game!"
You may be the only one. If two or more people will post to the game, reviving it for five or more posts, it will be moved back to the active game area.  Then the normal rules will applied.  If the game goes fallow, it will be moved to the archives again.  

And nothing stops you from starting a similar game.


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