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OOC:  This is a random space RP all the playing takes place on the ship Executor, Darth Vader's Super-Class Star Destroyer.  You can be anything from any sci-fi book, movie, etc.  Your all crew aboard the Executor and should adhere to standerd Imperial Codes of Conduct. This RP may contain use of the f-word, or perhaps others if those offend you please read no farther. Aside from PKing and world ending events anything goes.

"I did it! YYAAAHHHOOOO!!!!"  John shouted as he jumped up and down. "Molly I got appointed to it!  I did it! I told you I could. Yeah!"

"What the hell are you talking about John?" Molly asked, who was John's room mate.

"I did it, the Academy got me appointed to the Executor!  What did I tell you, yeah! Uh-huh! Uh-huh!"  John shouted as he bounched around the room acting like his usual idiotic self.

"Let me see."  Molly snagged the papers out of John's grasp, "d**n what idiot would appoint you to any ship," she muttered.

"Told you I could, pay up!"  John shouted, Molly took out a fifty credit chip and gave it to him. "At least you get out of my appartment for good now." She said with a happy smile.

"Oh no don't worry I'll come visit when I ahve leave."

"Memo to self, change the locks."

Two days later and several short hyperspace jumps John sat in a small cramped passenger chamber on a shuttle with a slew of other personel bound for the Executor.  Several others were new cadets but a most were just the usual assortment of people retotating on assignment.  There a couple of wookie slaves in the back and other second class citizens behind them.

The shuttle shuttered and touched down in the volumnous docking bay, the ramp lowered and John made his way to the front, a master chief had a pile of data pads and was calling the names of the Cadets.


"Here SIR!"  John shouted!

"Get over here, take this, it's got your room location your bunking with two others, this has also got your assignments. Chief Rodgers is guy you report to. CADET MARKS..."  

John wandered out of the docking bay to a bank of lifttubes and caught one to level 46 section C, he stepped out of the lift to a desk with a bank of doors behind it.

"Chief Rodgers?"

"Yeah," An old man maybe fifty with tatooed arms and the end of a cigar sticking out of his mouth.

"I'm Cadet Kelly."

"Oh yeah, third door on right, watch out one of room mates, Wes, is funny, the other Alf is a good guy."

John opened the door and stepped inside.  A furry bad with two legs and two arms and a head with an enormous snout looked up from the bong tube he hung over, "Heey I'm Alf!"

"Sup, I'm John," There were two beds. "Where's my bed?"

"Oh yeah the rooms are packed you got the floor or you sleep with me, Wesly still wets the bed."

"Hey that was only once!"  A high voice that cracked often said from in the bathroom.

"Yeah what about the Dutch Treat you left last night?" Alf Chortled.  "Guri will be here in a bit for your training."  Till then, Alf moved over and offered the bong tube...

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StarWar, Startrek, starwhat?: The Log of Random Adventures
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A short half hour later and two bolls later, the door beeped and Guri stepped in.  She wore a tight fitting uniform jumpsuit, had blue eyes, shoulder length blonde hair, shapely curves, her face had a funny half smile on it.  

"Cadet Kelly? Come with me."  She said in a total unemotional voice.  "Here takes these they'll clear your head up."  She looked daggers at Alf who burst out in fits of laughter then lead John out of the room.  John swallowed the red and blue pills and felt his head clear up, things didn't seem as funny anymore.  

Guri lead him to the lift tube then a couple of decks down and two kilometers later in Section A, they stepped out.  Guri lead him down a couple of hallways to a chamber full of black panels and a yellow grid.  

"This is the holodeck, here we will conduct examinations in your ability to cope with different situations." She smiled, the expression made John's insides squirm.  

Guri swam out of his vision then he found him self in a hallway his uniform had changed and he wore a captain's garb.  He grinned at himself and adjusted his hat so that hung slightly to the side.  "I look good."  He murmmered to himself.

"Exscuse me Captain," A voice behind him asked.

"Yeah what can I do for ya?  UH Lieutenat?

"Laforge sir!  Well I was wondering if I could get a promotion, I've been really pulling my wait around here.  You know I'd do anything."  Laforge said.  

"Request denied."

"Come on Cap'n, anything..."

"I said request "denied" Lieutenant Laforge!"

The world shimmered back to the holodeck chamber, "Ahh your no fun!" Guri said in a pouty sort of way.  "But you passed go to egineering next. Just take the main turbo lift as far back as it can go."

Half an hour later, "Who are you?" A high squeeky voice said from behind.

"Cadet Kelly, sir!"  

"Great, I'm Lieutenant Laforge, I got to work on a flux distortion in the number 3 engine, explore around, don't mess with any data ports." He wandered off farther down the chamber into a branching off chamber.  

John wandered around and found a freight lift, "Screw this I'm out a here." He got in the freight shaft and climbed the ladder up, it seemed to go on forvever then he came out in a pitch black room.  

"Computer lights!"

A bank of white lights flashed on revealing a small cargo room.  John looked around and grabbed a pry-bar.  He flipped off the top of one box, it was assorted pain killer drugs.  Another box had a small micro chip set in a block a foam.  John picked up the chip and pocketed, "probaly can score some credits for this," he mutterd.

He left the cargo room and ran into Guri fifeteen minutes later, "Where have you been, report to my room tomorrow night for more training!"

"Yes mam!"  

"Wonderful, see you later. Here my code meet me there."

John walked down another corridor when a hand grabbed him from behind and shoved him to the deck. "Hey brat, Guri is my girl you go sniff some where else, Cadet."

John rolled over ready to punch when he looked up Commander Cracken stood over him the number one.  "Dude your face!"  Cracken was horribly scarred from an encounter with a rebel insurgent.

"What about it cadet, you here me?!"

"I got her code!"

"So do I, if I see you near her room, you'll be bantha fodder!"

"Let's play ball!"

"You don't even want to try!"

"Yeah, I want to!"

"I'm out of here!"  Cracken walked off down the corridor to the holodeck...

Later that night, John walked back from chow, "man that was good."

"YUB DUB!"   An ewok in a security uniform growled.

"What? My translator broke?"

"AHHH, WHATS YOUR NAME MOTHER @!#$ER?" The ewok made a snatching move but John dodged and ran back to his quarters.