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Open Space
« on: May 23, 2004, 03:38:59 AM »
In the year 2506 the first Terran ship broke the light barrier.  Nicholas Flamensky inventor of the light speed engine went down in history and won a Noble Peace Prize.  

In the 2739 the United Nations spanned three systems and fortyseven different space colonies.  The three systems, Sol the home of Terra and the birthplace of humanity, the Sirius system a small white dwarf star with three planets, only one that could support life but 87% fresh water oceans.  Large undersea colonies dot the surface of it.  The last system the Helena System has a large yellow sun and eightteen planets, six of which support life.  Nyoth is an ice ball that is only survivable with enclosed colonies.  Scat a dust ball close to the sun, with nothing but oceans of sands.   Ra is a planet not very different from Terra.  Wes a craggy rock world covered with mountains and loaded with ore.  Tyna a very small ocean world covered with millions of minute islands.  Last is Jarro an untamed volcanic world with patches of hard rock surface between huge magma oceans.  

In the year 2999 the Jupiter system and fourteen colonies declared independence of the United Nations naming themselves the Free Republic of the Sphere.  This occured after a UN task force used nuclear missles to supress the revolution of colony Hestina 15 in deep space between the Sirius and Jupiter systems.  An increasing trend of commericialism had esclated all through out the Sirius and Sol systems to the amount where people could be bought and sold.  In protest Governor Harry Hover declared independence from the UN.  The Wolfermanheart Coorperation had several members in the UN military high command and since they were the major conspirators in the open slave trade they had the colony burnt to ash.  A freelance reporter escaped with the footage and the news spread like wild fire.  Because the Jupiter system was more communistic government there were no major conglermerates controlling the government, in a vote 68 to zero the Jupiter congress decalared the UN to be corrupt and unworthy to rule over them.   No less than 72 hours later more than fourteen thousand warships were mobilized along the Jupiter-Siris Trade Lanes.  One week later fourteen thousand UN warships arrived in the Jupiter system and in engaged in a battle that lasted five days straight.   When the smoke cleared 250 UN ships retreated down the trade lanes back to the Sirius system.  No more than 400 FRS (Free Republic of the Sphere) ships were left,  the battle ground shifted to the Sirius system.

For the almost two centuries the war waged some people could barely remember what for, the Sirius system resembled a grave yard.   At the last count there was more than a hundred thousand warship hulks strewn across the system.  Ocia the water planet in the Sirius system was completely inhabitable from so many orbital bombardments.  But with to systems to drew resorces on the UN slowly gained the upper hand in the year 3211 a UN strike force made it into the Jupiter system.  Just as a top secret project was launched, five "Sleeper" ships were launched from Ra headed for the Nova system well over a thousand lightyears from the Jupiter system.  Each ship carried a million and a half of the best of the FRS.  The hope was that they could start over somewhere else away from the war.  Miracously the five Sleeper ships made it past the blockade with the sacrifices of several fighter wings and jumped to the Nova system.  

Eight hundred years later the peope of the FRS have grown stronger, smarter, expanded, but they have never forgotten.  The six nations, Ra, Tyna, Gajin, Hispania, Freedom, and Nova. Have flourished each expanded from nova growing out to the neighboring systems adventually developing powerful jumpgates that could sling ships across the deep space void between the systems, up to 30 light years apart.

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Open Space
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2004, 10:53:01 AM »
So are all of these governments in the Nova system communist? If so, what are their levels of corruption and control?

I'm liking this so far, kinda reminds me of the game Freelancer, if anybody here has ever played it.