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Magess - Eastern Nations
« on: May 21, 2004, 08:46:11 PM »
Ok, here's the nations of Magess east of the Demon's Arm.

The Eastern Nations are a little less socially restrictive than the west, but it comes at a price of morality. Harlots and theives litter most streets, and those in power make no effort to hide their greed and lust. Elves, while not held in open contempt, are treated poorly, though not enslaved as often as they are in the east (there are still many elven slaves, though).

The map of Magess is here


Arcesany is one of the three great powers in Magess. Their schools of higher learning are famous in throughout Magess and even into Jurlimail. Also, Arcans are famous for their authors and book makers. The government of Arcesany is an aristocratic group of "intellectuals," actually the puppets of the Razadar family, which has been in control of the country for generations.

Arcesany has an open fued with Sarmathay, and the two are approaching war.  The currency of Arcesany is the Arcan.

Arcesany controls the land that was long ago the center of the Orai Empire, though the ruins of that nations once great capitol are said to be haunted by demons and are avoided at all costs. Some brave souls venture to the site, but there is not a single example of someone who has returned to tell of it.

**Lar Sur Selmar

Lar Sur Selmar is, for all intents and purposes, two countries. The innter portion of the nation is made up mostly of farmers and small hamlets. The coast and the island of Taladon, however, are heavily populated with merchants and mariners. The seat of the government in on Taladon, and the rural folk of the northern countrysides resent the king, for he favors the southern sailers and merchants in everything.

Lar Sur Selmar builds the best boats that can be found, and claim to have found a "new world" to the far south of Magess.

**Sted av Durwal

Once again, a generic dwarven nation. Really need help with it.


The island of Wren (sorry it's not labled on the map, it's the small yellow island between Carameer and Lar Sur Selmar) cannot really be called a country. The Island, as natives call it, is a haven for pirates, scoundrels, mercenaries, brigands, and swashbucklers of all kinds. There is no government and no official laws, other than the sacred "Honor Among Theives." While most would see it as a den of vice and unthinkable treachery, for those used to the lifestyle, it is a pleasant enough place.

Other nations often come to Wren when they need mercenaries for jobs they wish to remain under the table.


The most powerful state on Magess, Carameer is the very personification of corruption. The government is so full of politics, heirarchy, beurocracy, and technicalities that the common people have all but given up trying to bring about any change. Carameer is led by the Studilar, a position much like a king, except weilding even more power.

The armies of Carameer are unrivaled, and their navy is also the biggest, most of the ships made by Selman craftsmen.

Carameer stretches across Magess from top to bottom, and is always looking to expand through war and politics. The people here are taxed heavily, and slaves make up a large part of the labor force.

And there you have it. Tons of holes that need filled, so any help would be very... well, helpful.