Author Topic: Magess - The Story of the Demon's Arm  (Read 2124 times)

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Magess - The Story of the Demon's Arm
« on: May 21, 2004, 09:15:09 PM »
Ok, this is a story from the prehistoric times of Magess. It takes place before any of the mortal races inhabited Tolar, and the war between angels and demons raged most greatly.

There were two angels that were brothers. Raseri was the older, and Aterlen was his younger brother. While Raseri was much more powerful, Aterlen was Amar's most beloved angel. They were both champions of Asagar, and were counted among the greatest, if not themselves indeed the greatest, warriors against the Darkness of Arach.

The tides of the war between light and dark was taking one of it's many turns, and the demons of Fenrenor were coming upon the very gates of Asagar. The angels launched a counter offensive, though, and pushed the demons back to Tolar. There, a great battle was fought, and the minions of Arach retreated to Fenrenor. The leaders of the angels decided to hold the ground, but Aterlen thought that opportunity was before them. He tried to convince the generals that they should follow the devils into their very realm, and there perhaps make the biggest gains in the war to date. The generals did not consent, though, and instead began fortifying Magess, at the area where the demons retreated.

Aterlen, convinced he was right, entered Fenrenor alone. Being that he was one of the greatest warriors the cosmos had ever seen, he slew many of the fleeing demons, and came within sight of the Black Citadel itself. He was, of course, finally beaten by the endless hoards of demons, though, and was taken prisoner. Arach sent a ransom to his brother Amar, demanding Tolar in return for the captured Aterlen. The god of good was prepared to trade the planet for his most beloved of his children, but Aterlen's brother Raseri intervened.

Raseri said he would go into Fenrenor alone, and rescue Aterlen. Amar agreed, but said if Aterlen was not returned, he was prepared to turn over Tolar to guarentee his safety. He also said that, if the angel was willing to accept this risk for control of Tolar, he would not trade the world for Raseri's return. Raseri consented, for he knew that control of the mortal world was essential.

Raseri, given even more strength by his God, entered Fenrenor. He cut a path of blood from the Gate of Sin forward, and did the unimaginable. Raseri managed to actually reach the Black Citadel of Arach, powered by his rage and his love. He entered the Citadel, and freed his brother. The two flew with the speed of the wind for the Gate, and had nearly made it when the demons finally caught up with them. At the Gate, they both turned and prepared to fight, but Raseri knew the consequences of them both being captured. He could not allow Tolar to be lost.

Grabbing his brother by the shoulder, he pushed him through the gate. Raseri himself then began to step through when the demons caught him. They began to pull him back into Fenrenor, but Aterlen grabbed onto his brother's arm. Amar sent his will down to be with Aterlen, and Arach was with his minions as well. All the powers of heaven and hell were focused on this immense game of tug of war. The very ground raised into mountains as Aterlen put all of his love and devotion to his brother into the effort to pull him from the gate. The angels of Asagar began to rush to the spot to aid their comrades, but were too late. As they arrived, the greater numbers of demons caused Raseri to be pulled back in, and Aterlen would have gone too, had the angels not have caught him.

Thus was Raseri tainted and turned into one of the greatest warriors of Fenrenor, and also were the Demon's Arm mountains created. Aterlen, in his immeasurable greif, refused to return to Asagar until his brother entered by his side, and now wanders Tolar thwarting the minions of Arach, and searching for a way to redeem his brother.

Ok, that was just a little bit of mythology I thought I'd throw in. It is believed by the polytheistics, but discredited as myth by the worshippers of Amar. It is, in fact, true, and Aterlen can be found in Magess, as a tall, mysterious, cloaked figure furthering the causes of good in secret. Raseri, though, can also be found in the world, working behind the scenes in countries such as Carameer and Arcesany, trying to make advances for Arach. His mind has been tained by the Dark God, and unless Aterlen can find a way to redeem him, Raseri will remain wholly evil.