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Magess - Western Nations
« on: May 21, 2004, 05:14:23 PM »
Here is a list of the current nations on the western part of the continent of Magess, and some info about each. I'll add more info when I can, and suggestions are more than welcome. There isn't much yet, and I apologize for that.

For the most part, the Western Nations are more conservative. While elves are merely second class citizens in the east, in the west they are met with open hostility. They are connected to the continent to the west, and therefore have more contact with Jurlimail than the other nations.

The map can be found here

Western Magess (West of the Demon's Arm Mountains)


Once the greatest country in Western Magess, Rethnadest has lately fallen onto hard times. There is an economic depression, and the government is weak. A few years ago, the king was mysteriously killed, and the prince fled the capitol city of Rethnaglore. The kings advisers took control, but the people have little faith in the "temporary" leaders.

Crime is rampant in Rethnadest today. It's army has diminished to almost nothing, and the government has little control over the lawless people. Most good folk tend to stay to their homes, while gangs and other groups attempt to establish dominence over the cities.

The nation, though large and in control of many natural resources and good ports, is weak and vulnurable. An invasion from either Sarmathay or Arcesany is likely in the near future.


Keth is the newest nation on Magess. It is small and mostly insignificant, except for one thing: it is the only human occupied place on Magess where iron ore can be found. Since the dwarves keep mostly to themselves, every nation in Magess relies on Keth for it's metal needs (Think the Middle East and it's oil in our world).

The only thing that has kept Keth from being conquerd is the fact that it is so essential. Many wars have been fought over it, but it has remained free. For instance, Rethnadest once invaded, but Sarmathay knew that if Rethnadest controlled the mines of Keth, their supply of iron and steel would disappear. Therefore, Sarmathay rushed to the aid of Keth. Nearly every country on Magess has tried to both conquer and defend Keth.


I haven't gotten much info on Dursamail yet. I wrote a story set in it (available at my site) but otherwise don't have too many ideas. It does sit dangerously between Arcesany and Sarmathay.


Eldgammel is one of two Dwarven kingdoms on Magess. It's borders encompass a large portion of the Demon's Arm. At current, there aren't any details about either dwarf kingdom, so keep those suggestions comin'!


Probably the closest thing to a free country on Magess, Sashden really isn't even a country. It is a loose confederation of city states, fiefdoms, and small realms. The government of Sashden is a council chosen by the more powerful leaders of these areas, but the council does little to interfere with local rulers. Since there is no real authority in Sashden, it is often left out of the overall politics of the more powerful nations. This is usually a good thing.


Sarmathay, along with Arcesany and Carameer, is one of the leading powers on Magess. It was founded soon after the fall of Orion, and originally encompassed what is today Dursamail, Keth, and Sashden, but centuries of war has lessened it's borders.

The Sarmath government is a very corrupt monarchy. The people, the economically prosperous, have few individual rights. The king is pompous and rash, and does as he pleases. There is no shortage of intrigue, conspiracy, and manipulation in the courts of Sarmathay.

Sarmathay is currently fueding with Arcesany for political reasons, and the two will probably wage profitable war soon.

Sorry I don't have more info, but as I think about it I will post it. I'll put up the nations of Eastern Magess soon.