Author Topic: the Quest for the Dragon Stone  (Read 2304 times)

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the Quest for the Dragon Stone
« on: July 07, 2005, 06:48:16 PM »
Alexandria led quietly in the grass her eye's closed letting the light dance playfully over her eyelids, it was a breezy morning but the long grass kept alex hidden from any passer-by, Alexandria is an elven princess, daughter of Jorath, she lived in the small peacefull village of Snorath, and not much had happened for century's, alex was only 150 years old but she believed she already knew alot about the world, her waist-length blonde hair blew steadily on the oncoming breeze pronouncing an evil approaching not far off, Alex opened her eye's a bit to look around her, the sun was fully risen from behind the tall mountains of Pherapus and was gleaming down on there white snow covered tops, she blinked as she stared up into the cloud-less sky, 'another perfect morning' she thought to herself. she pushed herself up onto her elbows and knelt there for a while, giving a big yawn she raised herself to a sitting poistion and streached, she blinked again looking around to take in her surrondings, she felt peaceful here the silence except for the occasional bird tweeting in the high topped trees or the breeze rustling some of the leaves of the tree, but her favourite sound was the soft rushing and gurgling of the close by elven river, she stood up, her long silver dress flowed down to her ankles and she brushed off some loose pieces of grass which had come up with her, she bent over and picked up the small silver headband from next to her, she turned steadily facing the tree's which led to the deep forest, then bent down and picked a long silver bow and a quiver of arrows which where resting by a tree nearby, she placed them on her back and then picked up her strong slightly glowing silver sword and put it into her holster, close to her side, she streached once again and started to walk into the forest.

OOC: alexandria has a very pale complexion, she loves to learn new fighting techinces, she is very agile and can move like the wind, without sound or sight ever hearing or seeing her, she can comand her arrows to change metal tip's be it poison or just normal metal, or even a hot silver which will burn though almost everything in the way, the sword she carry's is called Leithon the blade of nature, it can also cut through almost everything. the story is that she has began a quest to find a stone which will give her the power to controll the black dragon's, her father had told her about this stone in her younger years as a fairy tale but she now discover that the prophecy is true, she needs this stone so she can war with the red dragon's which threat to destroy the world, so she need's companions to come with her to outer region's of the forgotten city, to seek the one they call Fathom, who will have the stone and will also tell you how to use it, once you have meet with fathom they will travell to the spectral plain where the war will begin. will it be good or evil who prevail.
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