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Magess - The Basics
« on: May 18, 2004, 10:38:15 PM »
I've been forming this world in my head for years now, but haven't ever really had the chance to sit down and get it all straight. Some help with it would be great! Please keep in mind that I hope to use this setting in a series of novels (somday... hopefully), so you're suggestions might be used in that.

This post will just be the rough stuff about the setting, so don't expect much.


  Two equal gods, Amar (good) and Arach (evil) were created from chaos. They were ideollogically opposed, but on friendly terms. After some amount of eons, they collaborated and created the god Tolyn. Tolyn was neutrally aligned, and loved to create and manipulate. He built realms for both of his parents, which they inhabited. These realms were Asagar (basically heaven) and Fenrenor (pretty much hell). Tolyn then created two seperate races, and gave one to each of his parents (angels and demons). Some of these excelled more than their peers, and eventually became minor gods themselves (the pantheon).

It stayed this way for many eons. Those from Asagar waged perpetual war with those from Fenrenor, but there was seldom anything of interest occurring. This bored Tolyn, so he began creating something new. He modeled a huge orb (Tolar), and detailed it with mountains, plains, oceans, and all the other pieces of a world. He began building out, and created hundreds of other worlds, and then created entirely different universes parallel to the first (elemental planes, pocket planes, etc.). Tolyn once in a while would show up somewhere just to stir things up and make them interesting for his amusement.

(Skip ahead a few hundred thousand years)

Ancient History-

  The continent of Magess on Tolar is largely ungoverned. The only existing governing structures are sparse and feudal. On the connected continent, however, a vast empire led by a cruel dictator is currently expanding its territory through conquest. The expansion drive moves to Magess, where the small villages surrounded by fertile farmland and plentiful resources fall easily.

When the conquerers cross the mountain range that divides Magess in two, the begin to encroach a certain small collection of villages and farms. The people in this area band together and elect Zarius Orin their leader, to protect them from the oncoming invasion. (This part hasn't been too fleshed out.)  Somehow Zarius and his people begin to defeat the invaders, and Magess begins to rally. They push back the outsiders and form a nation, called Orion, named after their hero.

The empire of Orion was totally democratic. They built a capital with mountains on three sides, called Orion, and built a massive marble dome. Inside this dome all matters were voted on, every person getting an equal vote. The river that flowed out of the city from the side not walled by mountains was named the Glory Run.

Orion spent the next hundreds of years liberating the continent, and eventually Magess was free.

(Fast forward a thousand years or so)

Orion, for reasons I do not yet know, fell. The continent fell into chaos for a short time, and many of the current nations arose from the ashes.

At some point, for some reason, there was a big war. In that war, magic was, for some reason, lost. Once again, this great change thrust the continent into chaos for a time. The elves, who relied heavily on the art, lost their prestige and became second class citizens everywhere. The loss of magic was all over Tolar. Magic is not nonexistant, as some artifacts from the time before the loss exist, but no one can now perform it. The dwarves and many of the other races, tired of the constant social upheaval, withdrew into themselves, and have not been heard of for some time. The elves now live wherever they can.

**Modern Times-

  The governments of Magess are mostly all corrupt and oppressive. There is wealth, and most don't live in poverty, but the government elitists keep most of the wealth to themselves. There is an overabundance of conspiracy, intrigue, politics, and red tape (well, not really any red tape but you get the idea). The different nations often war for politics, profit, and other such things.

And there you have it. That's just about all. Don't have the gods worked out, don't have all the races, and there are a lot of holes in the history. Any suggestions are welcome. Any questions, just ask. I might have forgotten some stuff, and if I think of it I'll post it.

Stories taking place in Magess can be found here:

A map can be found here:
(Notes on the map: Sahsden is a typo, it should be Sashden. Also, the ruins of Orion are in the little nook where that river ends between Eldgammel and Arcesany. Jurlimail is on the continent that invaded Magess before.)

I'll update this post as soon as possible.

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Re: Magess - The Basics
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2004, 12:15:27 AM »
Quote from: "Essus"
. Some help with it would be great!

That's what this website is here for, Essus :)

Magess sounds pretty good so far :) I will look forward to seeing it grow.


Orion, for reasons I do not yet know, fell. The continent fell into chaos for a short time, and many of the current nations arose from the ashes.

Outside influence does not have to be a factor in falling nations. Perhaps a fueding brother or jealous advisor slew the king (Which could also make for a good legend, in books). Once the king is slain, distant relatives - dukes and lords, all seeked control over the throne. No matter which relative was chosen, all the others would be left out, and would be jealous. The country is split apart as the different lords form armies to take the throne, which they believe is rightfully theirs. Who wins these fueds does not matter, because there would be great loss no matter what, as towns are razed, citizens and soldiers alike slain, and the kingdom henceforth collapses.


At some point, for some reason, there was a big war. In that war, magic was, for some reason, lost.

There could be many reasons for this war - perhaps foreigners from over the sea heard news that the kingdom Orion had fallen apart as they warred with themselves, and sought to choose the opportunity to get easy conquering ("The Kingdom of Orion is the weakest it has been in many years! Quickly, to arms!").

Magic could also be lost for many reasons:

* I am thinking this: If Gods of Good and Evil are in balance, The use of magic, and the lack of magic can be as well. The concentration of magic that the war made, with all the war-magi, caused an imbalance to be created in the use of magic, and thus all magic is on hold, until the balance can once be restored. This means that The magic may eventually be restored to the world, albeit over much time. What if, in five hundred years, when magic is all but forgotten, Someone who remembers the ancient ways tries casting spells again. He finds that he can cast cantrips - flame dancing on the end of his finger and the such. Certainly that is not very useful in terms of the old magic, but its a big step up from no magic at all.

This is also a good idea for myths and legends: "The Tale is told, of ancient times, when Men could set flight like the bird, carried on the wings of his power. Valleys could be set alight at the click of a finger, and men could be killed by the uttering of a single word. THESE were the era of magic. When The most powerful men did not necessarily wield swords."

Perhaps a plot idea for this world is that there are tales of a man, living deep in the forest, who can make vines grow at the touch of his hand, or set alight his fire with the click of a finger. The lord asks you (the adventurers) to investigate this rumor. Should it be untrue, return with word for the lord. Should it be true, Return with the man, as he may be of good use.

Things to think on:

-Technology (Is it a typical medieval world, or is there more modern technology? Or perhaps it is medieval, but in some parts of the world unknown to most, there is abandoned towns, with modern gear and equipment. How did it get there? Who used to live there? Perhaps another good plot point to tinker with in that :) )

I like the world so far, keep it up ;)
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Magess - The Basics
« Reply #2 on: May 19, 2004, 05:01:16 PM »
Ok, some things I forgot to mention.

There are three main religions. There is the church that worships the pantheon of gods, there are those that worship Amar as the "one true God," and there is a church smaller than these two the has deified and worships the dictator that conquered Magess in the pre-Orion days. None of the churces get along, but there is particular strife between the Amarans and the polytheistics. The main two often tend to ignore the third, which causes a lot of problems.

Terrain is mostly plains and woodlands, with some mountains as well. There are other types, but they are not as dominant. A large mountain range goes somewhat down the center of the continent, through Eldgammel, Dursamail, and Sashden.

As for currency, each country has it's own (Arcesany uses the Arcan, Carameer uses the Yole, etc.)

Also, not to complain, but I should have put in more info about the Orai government. There never was a king. There was the Essus, Zarius Orin being the first. The Essus was elected by the people, but he did little more than organize and mediate the voting, though he or she was also their war leader. Elections for Essus could be held whenever the people chose to hold them, but they were mandatory at least once a year. There is no term limit, and Essus Zarius Orin held the position the longest; the 30 or so years between the founding of Orion to his disappearance (I'll post more on that later).

I like the idea of some areas having higher technology. Mostly, it's technology is on the level with the Forgotten Realms and other typical fantasy settings. But with Tolyn around, who knows what all he's shown different groups?

I do like your idea on magic, as well. Perhaps Tolyn had a hand in its disappearance?