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Forgot a road to the town on the bottom...guess they take the boat.  :oops:

Hmmm... a town only accesible with boat or such...
would make some general attitudes for its inhabitants against the outside world. A general lack and no need of wagons.

Didn't even think of that.

Surrounding by mostly impassible mountain ranges, only excessible by small boat/raft down a white water river. I like the thought of a one way river. Too much big white water to make the trek upriver, and it is Grand Canyonlike in some areas so a portage is sort of out of the question. There is a better route on the other side of the river that has a mountain passage that is useable by wagons so once the boats leave the town and reach the southern dock, they could then portage all the way around the west side till they arrive upriver and can again visit the town.

Why bother? Huge gold or platinum or other rare metal, maybe a magical metal found nowhere else. It can be incredibly secure and since they are rich, can afford to hire those that can create a rather impressive fortress using all the available rock from the surrounding mountains. I really like the idea of this mountain fortress. Might be worth some time to write up a history and such and use in a game?


Hmmm... probably originaly of dwarven built, so nicely isolated, nice nature if you want it, otherwise nice gold to dig  :wink: . Those pesky humans moved in, good for some agriculture and stuff, but soon multiplied and sort of took over the city. Trading would be the main interest for anyone, as the city would have a hard time without it. Maybe a temple of certain god of trade would be in place...

It would be a pretty secure place I would guess. There might be other entrances to the city through the mountains but they would be well known and well guarded. If it was a dwarven city, makes perfect sense, then there would be some other tunnels possible making secret unknown passages. Rival clans making passages to help smuggling and such.

The river entrance would have a fairly strict entrance procedure and a doubly strict exit procedure. Nobody wants wealth leaving the city unless it is spoken for. Probably a riverfront security guild sponsored by all the other guilds to make sure everything leaving is properly documented and signed for. This guild could most certainly be corrupted to some point, but most wealthy merchants would know this and hire their own people to do a double check to try and keep things as honest as possible.

The town would be merchant ran in some kind of ruling body where each has a equal vote on decisions that affect the city. Each guild gets a representative. Guilds are/were formed by asking permission of the ruling body and once sanctioned they get a representive on the council. Yearly votes determine who heads the meetings, in charge but vote is still equal to everybody elses. Need somebody to keep things straight.

One of the most expensive towns anywhere. The immediate access to wealth makes everything outrageously expensive, but those that live there can afford it.


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