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Man these stink

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Inspired by a recent poll, Ive decided to go the other way with it

These are just the stinkers that came to mind....

feel free to add others

Conan the Destroyer

Dungeons and Dragons

Lord of The Rings (animated)

Reign of Fire


Red Sonja

and possibly the worst fantasy movie of all time......

(drum roll please)

the animated version of Hercules meets Xena!!(ARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH)

I'm not making this up folks it's out there....view at your own risk!

Whoa man, lay off the Conan. although I can't remember how good or otherwise that one was. Red Sonja? Nha, Nha, Nha, Nha. Red-head :shock:  with a sword :lol:  she knows how to use :twisted: , sorry, I find that gives the film enough merit for me to like it.

To add some -


Disney's Hercules

Disney's Mulan

Hercules starring Arnold Swatzenager (sp?)

Opinions will remain mixed. One man's meat is another man's posion, after all. Everyone has thier own opinion and needs to be respected, so no one loose a gasket, ok?  :lol:

First Knight!!!

I heard the books are good but Mists of Avalon sucked as a Movie

Dragonheart. It had some moments but for the most part, what a waste of an opportunity to portray a dragon.


--- Quote from: "Strolen" ---I heard the books are good but Mists of Avalon sucked as a Movie
--- End quote ---

Take any book or work of fiction and adapt it to a Television Miniseries and and it's gonna screw da pooch.

There was rumors of a deal to adapt Anne McAffery's Pern to a T.V. show, but they wanted to Buffy it. Pern does not need to be like Buffy.

Ria Hawk:
<shudders> Heaven forbid.  They shouldn't have even made Buffy in the first place.

The Fog is one of those so-bad-its-good.
Scream and Scream Again (which was made in the sixties) - Had an all star cast - Christopher Lee, Vincent Price, Peter Lorre; and it sucked.  No story to speak of.
Charlie's Angels
Almost all Disney sequels - Aladdin and the King of Thieves was good.  But for the rest of them, they take a story that was good, but had a definite ending, and then try to continue it, and they can't.
Any and all Dragon Ball Z or Pokemon (I have a little brother, and I have been forced to watch this)
Battlefield Earth


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