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Imagine a world, where prophecies were common. At any one point, there is a prophecy in play which could alter the world. Prophets are revered people, both feared and loved for what they may bring up. The prophecies come to prophets in jumbled flashes from the very gods, which make the prophets write the verses down in a daze. Prophets may take weeks or even months to write a single verse, and they will not fast not eat during this, using the power of the connection with the prophecy to sustain them. Due to the strain on their bodies, prophets often die young, around thirty-five. For thousands of years, these prophecies came, then were fulfilled.

Until one prophecy, failed.

The hero died! The people did not rally with him! The enemy succeeded! Anything could have happened. But the second the words of the prophecy failed, the entire world, knew it.

The sky, once a lush blue, faded to a grey, then tinged with crimson. the earth shook; ground weakened and altered. Marshes appeared where deserts were, and deserts formed where lakes once pooled. Trees began to wilt and die, and the magma core was cooling. Because the gods words failed, the words that the gods spoke to create the world followed unison and also failed.

Now, the world is dying. Fell beasts are ripping their way into the dimension, now that the fabric of the dimension is unravelling. Magic becomes more and more difficult with each passing day, until lighting a candle is a great effort in itself!

What to do?

PC's must find out what prophecy was broken, and they must therefore attempt to fix it. Either by killing the 'villian' in it, finding a certain artefact or whatever other means necessary. But they must be careful! For if they skip a beat on the prophecy, they may ruin any chance of completing it in the first place. If they complete one verse before they complete one prior to it, the prophecy will have no hope of ever bieng regained.

As a final measure, if all else fails, the spirit of the prophet who wrote this can be called upon to give advice or remedy it. Prophets can only be summoned on the top of this hill/with these rare ingredients which must be found/at a certain alter at a certain time of day or night/by a certain magician who lives in the middle of a forest etc... etc... etc...


But what of this: A second, less well KNOWN prophecy says that Finally, a prophecy shall be broken, and this will bring the desctruction of the old, impure world, and allow humankind to enter true paradise. The PC's, by trying to FIX the prophecy, are unwittingly destroying humankinds only chance at paradise! :o


What if a foe of the gods, a demon or something of the like, decides to get back at the gods by destroying their handiwork (their universe) by breaking a prophecy, since it does not have enough power to destroy the gods itself. This means that the PC's will have this demon and whatever minions it has, trying hard to stop them fixing it!


Feel free to post your suggestions, additions or thoughts :)

Another idea for the same type world - the PC's mission is to protect a prophet while he writes a prophecy (such a thing could take hours, up to months). Something wants to stop him from writing this prophecy, for some unknown reason.

But, if they look hard enough in already written prophecies, they will find this:

The group fends away the fiend
Whilst futures are written by the scribe.
The fiend wants the world to live
The scribe writes it is destined to die.

This prophecy is the prophecy about the prophet that wrote the prophecy about a prophecy bieng broken :D
If you get what I mean ;)


This is a very flexible RP in that the DM can create any prophecy he likes for it.

Maybe, the prophecy was a bit too long, or too important? So the prophet simply died before he could complete it?

The mission could thus be to help him to finish it. Pity that his ghost his immaterial and cannot hold the pen (and he of course must write it down personally...).

Nice. What then? Perhaps the prophet must be ressurected. Or a pen divised that can be held by insubstantial hands. Of course, all within a time limit ;) for after all, the world IS dying!

Danu Raven Nightshade:
Sounds good! A bit like MkRayearth though...


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