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Gods? What Gods? And what happend to my magic items?

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So here we go a new campagin world that I am busting my head open over.  Here is what I have so far:

For one reason or another the gods left.  Poof. No more.  Good and evil, law and chaos all have left this plane of reality for greener pastures. All, that is but the following:

One of the Good deities stayed behind because he/she felt compassion for the poor bastards left behind.

One deity of Evil also stayed behind in hopes of becoming more powerful and nasty.

On thier way out, the deities promoted two mortals, one lawful and of course one of chaos into demi-gods. They  have thier own agendas.(HELP!)

Not to be left out, a greater deity of true netrual also stayed behind. (need help here as well)

Now an unforseen side effect has appeared to make life REALLY interesting. When the deities left they also took away the ability for mortals to tap hidden energies to make permanent magic items.  As time goes by, magic items lose thier powers, spells lose thier power etc.

Can anybody help flesh this out?

Egads, plenty of opportunity for any number of things.

On a quick look seems like you could have two scenerios. One, sort of Tolkien-like one section of the country would develop Good behind the demi-gods and just go from there. To cross a border is to cross to lawlessness, sort of like Mordor under evil rule. Both would only clash on the borders with good almost always on the defensive trying to keep the evil from growing.

Or you could have evil being more subversive and subtle and good trying to root it out (or vice-versa if you wish). Corruption appears in force only occasionally to try and gain a foothold somewhere but is the underdog. Perhaps it suddenly sprouts somewhere instantly defeating Good creating a Mordorish place. Or it could remain subtle with a corruption occuring here and there and the obvious culprit being the evil demi-god.

With the help of the true gods, I would imagine that evil would have some sort of staging area that they are almost completely safe in. A place of such pure evil that it is almost impossible for good to overcome it. The reasoning for the good god to stay behind tells me that that god wouldn't be such a great help except in dire need. He/she would grant boons and favors but not necessarily come into play directly unless it was forced to while the evil god is actively seeking dominance in the world. Could be a really dark and dangerous place with many new creatures being sprouted to serve the dark ones.

Like the idea of no permanant magic. That could be one of the gifts of the good god, a weapon of pure, unfailing magical power. One of the greatest gifts that could be given.

Will sit on it a little and see if anything crops up.

Hmm. People raised to Demi-gods with their own agendas. Let's see if we can play twenty questions to develop thier stories.

1.  What are thier genders? Do demi-gods HAVE genders? Fewer women tend towards chaos, but the ones that do are HOT! Law seems to be an equal opprotunity employer.

2. What did they leave behind? Families, children, spouses? Pets?

3. Why were they chosen? Were they leaders, generals, religeous figures, zealots? Were they just doing thier thing and the god said "Yes, just like that! You're hired!" Were they trying or were they recruited?

4. What do they know that we don't? Do they know why the gods left? Do they know why they were needed? Do they know what to do?

5. What are their plans? If they know what to do, are they going to do it? What do they hope to accomplish?

6. Do they have any grudges? People they dated, spouse that left, slights real or imagined?

7. How are they handling the job? Can they get help? Can they MAKE help? Is it overwhelming they? (Next on Demi-gods gone wild... :twisted: )

8. How much power do they have? Smiting? Creation/Destruction? Empowerment? Unaging? Invunerable? Leap tall windmills in a single bound?

9. Where do they stay? Empty palaces of the gods in the heavens? Their old house?

10. What do they miss? If they have no regrets leaving mortal life, why are they in charge of one aspect of it? Do they still hunt down fugitives? Do they still hang out at the bar?

11. What keeps them in check? If they "screw up" would the god come back? Are they locked in an all consuming struggle with thier counter part?

12. How's thier relationship? Are they just doing thier job, doing what they must, but not always liking it? Are they friends/lovers? Were they before? Are they strangers or even enimies?

13. What do they demand? Do they want/need worship? Tithes? Sacrifices? Capital law is still law...

14. Are they recognised? What are the preists saying these days?

15. Are they helping anyone? Are they consolidating old religons? Are they aiding nations? Are they picking up the tab for thier old drinking buddies?

16. What are they using? Do they have any tools, weapons, or pets they keep to make the simple tasks easier? Are they using new forces? Can they command the elements, winds, seas, the earth? Anyone chucking lightning bolts?

17. Do they have any regrets? Never had a family? Never got to open their brothel? Still a virgin?

18. Are they abusing thier powers? They recently been raised to demi-gods, are they playing with their new toys? Have they had any accidents? Could they fix it/ clean it up?

19. Are they vunerable or do they have restrictions? Think of the genies shackles. "You're now the Demi-god of Law. That means no more poker on friday night. No games of chance at all." or "Yo, uh - huh huh, you're like the Demi-god of chaos now, so like, I hope you didn't like chess or anything, ok?"

20. What do they do for fun? CAN they have fun? Mingle with the mortals? Get Jiggy? Slap together a platapus?

Please fill out all required feilds in a No.2 pencil with black ink only. Fill the blacks out completely, but not too full, just nice and dark, but not outside the lines and try to avoid the temptation to make the dots look like a daisy. You may not use your notes or books, but you may use your group's work or the work of your neighbor. If you need help, you may phone a friend, counsult the Book of Armaments, or see what you can get out of the 100 chain-smoking monkeys next door.

Can answer only a few questions at once, so fail this test.

The New Ones
The demigods were once humans before, and are somewhat weaker. They have few direct
worshippers, not because they are NEW, but their agendas (Law&Chaos) themselves draw
few people into the fold. At least so do I envision this. But most people are oriented
one way or another, more or less. So they are many that follow one of these two ideals,
even if few are fully devoted.

Law- I imagine the demigod of Law as an old king, that ruled just and fair for a long time and gave up his rule to his follower (as his own laws declared). This way his way of life is rewarded. Now he is an old traveler that walks from town to town, from kingdom to kingdom, to help people make their lives more safe and predictable. He walks and talks and spreads ideas, how should all behave one to another, and how to safeguard it.

He likes to watch law-courts and all kinds of discussions about rules and sometimes intervenes to set matters right. As he commands great respect and authority, few would reject his ideas.

Chaos- I imagine him(her?) as a young sorcerer, master of the ever-changing magics and being of countless shapes. Contrary to the things mentioned before, it is not the Evil god that creates the most new creatures. Chaos is greatest creator of new things of any kind.

He likes to watch great celebrations and great disasters alike, for they are both the stuff of Chaos. I cannot say that he would stay always in one place or travel the world, for there are no set rules for this being, and none will ever be. Mostly just tries to make everything more interesting for himself and everybody else. Diversity is his love, birth of new things is his moment. What is his purpose? Whatever comes to his mind right now.

The Old Ones
They both keep their old worshippers and may get new ones. While they command greater power
than the demigods, there is no reason to strike against them(see Evil).

Good- ???sorry no ideas for Good tonight.

Evil- needs defining what is so evil about this god. Note that here on Earth we have no Evil gods, just ask their worshippers. Maybe two deities with somewhat overlapping agendas, but enough different to make an agreement impossible? So both religions see the other one as definition of evil and sacrilege etc. If we make Evil evil, it will surely not be the greatest creator of new creatures, having enough useful tools for this. But if Chaos spawns something useful, no reason not to use it. As for Law, some rules have to exist to allow for some stability. Same things are true about Good.  

The Left Behind
The ex-priests and the ex-followers of those that left. What happens to them?
- they may have still some power. If a High Priest commanded certain powers all life long, he may know how to create them, if from different sources and weaker.
- many may turn to magical arts, the dirty magics they formerly detested, trying to return to their former power (surely they have practice in magic, the divine one)
- they still may retain their authority, even as a moral figure
- some commit suicide
- some simply don't survive and die
- some get killed by followers
- some turn to madness
- some begin to hate their former god
- some give up to become farmers and such
- some convert
- some pretend to still keep their powers and their deity
- some continue to preach their ideals
- quite many followers may (and will) turn to ehm, dislike those who keep godly guidance...

The Cult Of Hate tries to attack in any way all priests that seem to be deity-supported. From philosophical discussions to outright killing, all is acceptable.

While figuring out what the gods are up to is a great help and a great idea, btw :D , the players are unlikely to meet any of these beings. The most common source of divine influence the players are likely to meet, or even be part of, will be the priests. Given the great variety of interpertations for why the gods did one thing or another, each preist is likely to have thier own view and way of handling the situation.

Did the gods leave a message for leaving? Did they tell anyone or everyone? Would any preist in his right mind claim NOT to know the will of the god(s)?

Many of the religions I've been exposed to these days are simply groups that get together to belong to the group, as if belonging made them better people. I've met rare individuals that actually believe and act on thier beliefs and try to convey that they are trying to do good because of their beliefs. And none of these people who are moved by thier beliefs have been the religious leaders.

That may be different in a fantasy world, where gods are possibly more active, interested, or present than the gods in our world. Anything a person can see, walk up to, or touch is much more an influence than the unseen.

Organized religion seems less likely to hold up in a world were gods can and do answer some questions with personal apperances. "If your god is so all knowing and all powerful, can see everything and is everywhere, why does he need 10% of my cash to keep this place open?" Add in the difficulty of having an organized religion devoted to chaos (the difinitive opposite to orgainization) and anyone who preaches what they don't believe will soon be exposed.

Each preist is likely ot have thier own story. Look at some or all of the possibilies above and decide what they believe. Being left behind by a schizm of, well, godlike proportions is going to shake the beliefs of nearly everyone.


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