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Beta Testers Request
« on: June 11, 2004, 06:31:34 AM »
As you may well know, I am currently doing a strolen.com rebuild at www.rpgcitadel.com . Right now I have a very firm handling of the plot pages and am basically finished with them. While I start working on the Admin pages I  would greatly appreciate it if a few brave souls would be willing to take a look and report back any errors and/or further feature requests.

Once this section is finalized it will ported over to the rest of the submission catagories so it is important to perfect this as much as possible before I start building the other sections.

So far:
-Highlight of the Moment Takes a random plot from the top 50 voted submissions. Main reason was to give some face time to some good ones that may be lost in the shuffle.
-Search looks through the titles, summaries and main plots for you criteria
-Right Menu Gives quick choices to browse through the plots and maybe catch something else that is buried. If looking for something this may help pinpoint it much quicker then having a different page with the options.
-Prev-Next is taken from the forum and implemented it here.

-Must be logged in.
-Tried to make it a bit neater as far as knowing how to use the BBcode and what is available in each section.
-Now allow BBcode in the summary. Still no links though.
-Preview now available so you can see how your submission will look before you submit it.
-Still working/debating on the BBcode buttons. Easy to implement on one text box (had that working for awhile) but much more in depth to get separate BBcode buttons on different text boxes. I found how to do it, but not sure if I will get around to it right away.

-Got rid of the box around the summary and italicized it instead. Box is now around the suggested links. I like it better that way.
Comments Biggest change
--Format improved (I think) for easier reading.
--Can insert a comment with or without a vote.
--If comment is put with a vote, the vote will appear under the user's name along with the date it was inputted.
--If a comment is put in with no vote, their will simply be just the comment.
--If a vote is inputted with no comment, the vote will be recorded with the name but the vote is not shown by default.
--View all Votes is under the comments on the bottom right. Clicking on that will show all votes and who voted. "No Comment" should appear in the comment block to show that it was only a vote.
--Simple BBcode is now allowed in comments. (still no links, that is for the auther to input if they want it).
--Edited Submissions If a author edits their plot then it will show a comment saying when the plot was updated and the reason why. This way we can see when and why an author edited and if it is changed we will see a difference in the comments and votes. Original votes will remain, but at a glance we can see where the comments on the improved plot begin. The old way it was all smashed together and there was no way to figure out if a user updated their submission.
--Edited Comments When you go to edit a comment, you are immediately brought down to the edit box instead of having to scroll down.

-Reason For Edit As mentioned before, when you edit your plot you are asked to tell what kind of changes you are making to it. If it is only grammar or spelling you can leave this blank but if you make a larger change that people should know about then you should tell us what you did. The comment inputted here will end up on the comments with a flag to tell us that you edited your submission.
-Everything else is the same as the Add portion. Preview/Update/Delete options.

For ADD/EDIT/DELETE I have you autoforwarded to your edited/added submission or the index instead of having to click on a link.

If you have the time I am looking for bugs and suggestions to make it better or easier. Any time you take would be greatly appreciated. Here is the link.

You can do anything you want to the data here. Login is the same, data is duplicated. Make test comments, posts, votes, as you wish. You aren't going to ruin anything.

Here is the link again.
http://www.rpgcitadel.com/  The plot link is the only thing working at the moment. Or go straight to the plot index

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