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Misc Ideas
« on: April 10, 2004, 01:35:11 PM »
Taken from the ideas section of the site where they don't quite fit.

Dwarfs are not supposed to like magic very much but what if yyou dwarf caracter all of a suden develops the skill? If this happens the Dwarf gets kicked out of his clan and shunned for the rest of his life. so shouldnt there be a race of magic using dwarves? I mean with magic a dwarf could improve on there almost perfect creations of stone and better yet become more skilled in fighting (and maybe get taller <lol>) just toy with the idea and see what happens



The Necroassembly (I've also posted it at roleplayingtips) This organisation is dedicated to the forbidden art of grafting (replacing a limb with a limb or bone from another creature). One who wants to join the Necroassembly (called this way because the founder was obsessed by undeath grafts)must be able to create a graft or be willing to learn this foul ritual. In addition, he must also have a graft or be willing to receive one. Of course, the necessary magical skills are requirements. The reason for this group's existence is their common goal: to take away the limitations of the human body by replacing its limbs with grafts from corpses, strange creatures, or animals. Ultimately, they want to create a superhuman. A couple of possible plots to encounter this group are: * The party notices, or is notified, that bodies are being dug up from the local graveyard. The bodies have been stripped of their limbs and their trunks left behind. Upon further investigation, the party finds out there is a group of strange and abominable people wandering around in the nearby village. They have pillaged some of the other villages in the neighbourhood and are going back in the party's direction. * The group might contact the PCs through a third party and hire them to capture strange beasts and monsters. * Social encounters might get interesting as group members try to hide their grafts from a malicious, misunderstood public. * Should a PC fall in combat for any reason within a town or city, it might be possible that this group acquires his body. Perhaps they've posted a generous bounty on bodies through underworld channels. The PC might wake up with a graft! Alternately, a killed PC might be resurrected and given several grafts. The Necroassembly expects the PC to be loyal to their cause, or at the very least, pay off the debt he owes them for his resurrection and "improvements". * To place this wicked group in a modern or future setting, the group members could be mad scientists, trying to create a perfect race from different animals. * Within a future setting, the grafts could be of different types of aliens.

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