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Ria Hawk:
I humbly submit to you a comic that I'm starting.  Only the first strip is up, and it's not very good.  And probably not very entertaining, although the pace will pick up very quickly.  Any feedback would be appreciated (but keep in mind that I can't draw and I am very new at spriting.)  


How curious :D So are the characters found elsewhere, or did you draw them in paint or something? Looks like it can become something pretty good, So good luck with it!

They're from a Mega Man game, I'm sure of it!
The Dean is obviously Dr. Light, the Blue Kid is a palette-swapped Mega Man, and the little girl is probably Roll.

Ria Hawk:
exactly.  Someone with entirely too much spare time created a sprite sheet from screenshots from MegaMan 7, I believe.  Then I downloaded the sheet, and made some minor alterations.  I don't if I'll use sprites from other games or not.  Hopefully, I'll get good enough to actually make the chars look different.  (Particularly finding another way to pose the Roll sprite...)

"Got caught filling the elevator with potatoes."


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