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Werelions, Weretigers, and Werebears, oh my!

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Obsidian Shadow:
Recently, I've noticed a trend in the using of wereanimals and hybrids as NPC'S and PC's.This was an idea that has been fermenting in my mind for quite some time. I've got the basics, now all I need is help in bringing it o fruition. Normally, you'll find that the average werebeing has two forms: The "wereform" in which the being can transform into a creature with the physical ( and sometimes mental ) attributes of that particular animal while retaining some human characteristics, and the "fullform", a form in which the being transforms fully into the specified animal. My idea was to be able to mix and match parts of the wereforms with each other until you found a suitable combination. For instance, if your animals were the panther and the eagle, you could have the wereform of the panther with the wings of the eagle. To compensate for the extra body mass, the wings would automatically become larger and more muscled, while the panthers bones wold become less dense to facillitate flight. You could even stay in human form and, change your limbs to that of a panther. The possibilities! There would have to be limits, of course; I'm thinking of just limiting it to two species per character, whatever they may be. The actual creation process is a dillemma I've yet to solve. Possibly it can be some sort of magical religious ceremony. What will be interesting is what the offspring  of weredad and weremom will look like. For any with a similar idea, I got my inspiration from The were's there are absolutely breath-taking. Hit me back, ya'll!

See my character submission Four Arms.
That may be similar to the "hybrid" were-beasts you are talking about.

well you could make it like a spell gone bad that a sorcerer (or the like) cast on a caracter or a cursed scroll or some other mysterious phenomenon :idea:  :twisted:

Scold me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't it be bad to go "fullform"? If you totally change into that creature, than the character's original conscience would be gone and they might be stuck in that form forever. Unless that is a stupid idea I just said and there would always be a small subconscience state that would allow them to transform back to their original state. odd concept...

Well, I believe that it is in the original werewolf legends that people totally became animals, and that they retained consciousness, but one can always alter in the sake of imagination.


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