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ThirdLand- Northern Greens
« on: March 31, 2004, 05:43:21 AM »
These biomes fill the topmost area of Thirdland. They are between the Northern Shores and the Great Ridge. The watch word for these biomes are "rain", "heat", and "green".

Storms come from the Northern ocean. They arrive almost every day from Storos to Lemos and occasionally into Freos. While it rains almost all day in Storos, it tapers off as the year move on, with it raining for only brief periods in the later months. These rains are "warm rains", akin to summer storms in most places on Earth or in a rain forrest. The storms in Storos are accompanied by wind.

Heat is another watchword. Though the Ridge is cool and cold, these lands are very, very warm. With Daytime temperatures ranging from 25 to 35 C (70 to 110F), and nightime lows of 15-20 C (55-60F), there are few places warmer.

The conditions here allow for a riot of life. The biomes here are rain forests filled with a variety of plant and animal life. There are trees as tall as Elventi HomeTrees. There are other tree-like plants that live in the filtered sunlight below them. It is possible for some animals to live their entire life without touching the ground.

There are two "intelligent" lifeforms in these biomes: Goblenti and Orcenti. These biomes are a haven for Orcenti Hives. There are no grey Orcenti here, only "wild" ones. Their only competitors for food and materials are the Goblenti.  No one group actually controls a biome, thus every tribe carves out areas inside each biome.

The Goblenti are a short thin species, with a distinctive round head, huge and wide pointed ears, and saucerlike eyes. Their colorations are quite dark, running from a chocolate brown to a dark beige. They have no hair, but their eye colors tend to match their skin colors. They range from three to five feet tall. They are mostly nocturnal, but can easily operate in the daytime. All but the larger Hobgoblins have a knack for magic. They have a natural affinity for little magics, but must work extra hard at greater magics (those that require more energy).

They often take a fungus derrived drug which makes them stronger and faster, but it adds a green tinge to their skins.  Some variations also make them more aggressive.  The Fungi also shortens their already shorter lifespan (average age 50 years, if well treated).

They say they used to live in The Ridges. They considered the Ridges a paradise, filled with everything they needed -Goods. The Dwarventi pushed them into the hellish lowlands. They attack and attack to get their homelands back. The Dwarventi have Goods (mostly metal weapons and items). Things they get from the Ridges Paradise. The Goblenti must take back from Dwarventi (or from Humanti when they could).

Water: The most common Goblinenti. These small (three foot tall) humanoids, have oversized heads, ears, and eyes. They are smarter than most humanoids. Almost all of them have a number of small cantrips they know. A few can master true magic or a shamanistic system of magic.  They pattern their lives after the Dwarventi.  They live in and arround "Halls".  They covet "things" and "goods". They horde what they can. They wear clothing that is much heavier and styled all wrong for their jungle home (but appropriate for the colder mountain climes).  They do not live in underground places, but they can.  

Earth: HobGoblins: These are bigger (four to five feet), heavier, and mercifully less magical and intelligent than most Goblinenti. Their coloration tends toward the darker hues. These are mostly found in the Western Biomes, thus are the Goblenti that most people in ThirdLand are familiar with. These are the ones that used to boil down the western coast and attack Antioch and even Amar.

Like most Goblinenti, they live in a style inconsistant with their environment.  They base the appearance of their society on what others have, because they have access to "goods". They wear clothing that is much heavier and styled all wrong for their jungle home (but appropriate for the colder mountain climes).  They do not live in underground places, but they can.   They horde and covet "Goods".  

Fire: The are medium sized and build (four feet tall).  They have longer limbs and stronger hands than most goblins. They are also quite athletic. They are of average intelligence. They all know a number of cantrips, but it seems none of them can master true magics.  FireGoblinenti are found in the Middle and Middle East of the Greens.  They are the best adapted to the Jungles they inhabit, not just physically, but their "way" is adapted to the jungle.  They wear fewer clothes, have fewer artifacts, live in and among the trees.  They are more Elventi than Dwarventi in outlooks.  Thus they seldom raid against the Dwarventi, and when they do it is strictly for profit or food (they see Dwarves and other Goblins as food), not land.
GM's note: These Goblinenti are slowly expanding their territories.  It could be that since they embrace the way of their biomes, they receive more "luck" and energies.

Air: Found in the Eastern reaches of the Greens, these pale goblins are near albinos. They appear to be water goblinenti in their build and abilities. It is their color and temperment that designates them as AirGoblins. They live in smaller groups and have a more intellectual attitude.  Of all the Goblinenti, they are the ones to have intricate long term plans.  They would have greater success if they could match the Kern and Dwarventi in martial prowess. This aptitude in planning is shown in their complex underground lairs. Like Orcenti they have hives of sort.  

All Goblinenti live in a tribal state. Various Tribal Leaders, Warlords, and Shamans wage war against each other for power and prestige; against Dwarventi and others to achieve "goods" (manufactured things they can not make due to skill or materials). The Goblinenti have a knack for magic, so they use small spells as tools, rather than material things. But they would rather have Goods. What goods they have they can keep almost forever, with mending and cleaning spells. It should be noted that they seem incapable of making anything beyond the simplist tools.    

The Tribes pay taxes to The Imperium. The Elventi are vague on how this process works. However, it seems to include a number of Army Members, and some flashy magics.
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