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« on: March 24, 2004, 07:34:08 AM »
Thirdland is the second largest land in the Known World. It is filled with "fractured biomes". It has a large number of biomes of a smaller average size. Most biomes are ecological areas that are about the size of a Smaller European state. Most of 180 biomes on ThirdLand are a faction of that size. Each one seems to contain one specific ecological area. The reasoning behind this is known only to Ge-Em

While most of the beings here are Humanti, brought here by Elventi to retreive resources, there are a number of native species here.  Some are "natural" brought to ThirdLand the way the Elventi were brought to FirstLand or the Amazonti to SecondLand; others were created races by a society that is no longer here.  

There are 10 major Geo-Political divisions on ThirdLand.
Note: for a reference ThirdLand is shaped like a backwards seven.

Nothern GreenZone: 8 Biomes
These biomes fill the topmost area of Thirdland. They tend to be hot, humid, and with a great deal of plant and animal life. These areas are infested by Goblinenti and Orcentis. These Goblin Barbarians pay tribute to the Imperium, so they are the "rulers" of their biomes.

Great Ridge:  14
This is a huge mountain range that runs along the top of the seven. It serves as a buffer between the GreenZone and the rest of ThirdLand. Here are the Dwarven Clans, a small Kern Colony, a city of wing folk, Gargoyles, and the occasional orcenti/goblinenti tribe looking for new Goods. The only "passes" between the Northern Green and the rest of ThirdLand occur at the west most and east most areas of the Great Ridge.

Antioch: 22 biomes
This city state covers the upper western portion of ThirdLand. The ecology is very Mediteranian. The region centers around Antioch, perhaps the most interesting city on ThirdLand. It contains the entire length of the mightly Antioch river (which runs East to West). Some other notable places include The Region of Avalon, Fort Port at the mouth of the river, and several Podling biomes.

Antioch Started as a Star Stone mining site. It was a fresh start for all the Humanti that originally came here. That fresh start has led to the Guilds ruling. Instead of the Clan being the dominant social structure, like in SecondLand, the Guild becomes the substitute clan here. Antioch is a city of commerace, manufacturing, and ideas. A new revolutionary way of thinking is being developed here. In addition all races of the Known World and the created races on ThirdLand are found here.

The Villages: 30 biomes
To the east of Antioch, where the various streams come down from the Great Ridge to form the Antioch River. Here is a balkinized region that has not achieve one central government in many centuries. Here nobles and their knights, strive to obtain more biomes for their own, in an attempt to unify the region, and fight off Plainsmen. All the while the peasant farms continue to feed most of ThirdLand.

The (Antioch) Wastes: 41 biomes
Here is a set of rocky and arid biomes between Antioch and Amar and the Great Plains. The terrain itself makes caravan travel between the two city states difficulty. The Sandmen (humanti who live here) occasionally raid the caravans. Still Caravans take half (and less) the time to get between the two city states than via sea.

One must be cautious when travelling the wastes. The biomes here do not connect causally here. You can not always get back to where you started by simply going back the way you came. (This phenomena occurs in other places, but is most prominant here.) Wayfinders are a must.

The Citystate of Amar: 3
Amar administers most of the central part of the seven, concentrating on the western part. The Citystate of Amar is mostly just the biome of Amar, one of the largest on Thirdland. Amar is fairly warm, a little arid, with a bright sun, much like North Africa. The City of Amar is on the coast. Amar is the primary sea port for ThirdLand, as the winds here make it easy to and from SecondLand and FourthLand. Amarians are the main traders of the KnownWorld, being centrally located and easy to get to. Amar is also where the Imperial Govenor makes his residence when he is on ThirdLand.

Each Merchant house has taken the place of the Clan Structure. While there is a strong family trend inside the Merchant Houses, it is all based on capabilities.

The Great Plains: 20
This huge area covers the other half of the central arm of the seven, the eastern part. Most of the biomes here are flat grasslands, though a few of them contain suprises. The people who live here are "native" to ThirdLand. They are all semi-nomadic to fully nomadic tribal peoples of various species. In addition to the "Wild Elves", there are Grey Orcenti, newly immigrated Humans, Centaurs, and Putti. The last two being created races (see Ruins of ThirdLand).

The areas between: 33
There are a number of biomes between Amar, the Plains, and Avon. This middle area is nominall under the control of Avon. There is a wide variety of "ways" in these biomes. Some of the created races hold sway here, but mostly the biomes are populated by human immigrants that have adopted to their new biomes with a whole heart.

The City State of Avon:7
The smallest of the three city states, Avon is the most conservative. A city (and barely that) of fishermen and woodsmiths. There biome is a combination of rocky shores and deep winter oak forrests. (The seasons change quite seriously here, from very hot in Thermos to a meter or two of snow in Freos. They practice a much older form of Andarian religion, that all the current practices stem from. For all their provincial apperances, they are a friendly folk, accepting of all. In all the Humanti lands, the furry people are best treated in these parts, though few to none live in the city proper.

The Guilds of Avon seem to be broken down along clan lines, blurring the line of which is more important. They are also the only large population of Earth Humanti in the Known World.

The Ruin Biomes: (4 Biomes)
To the East of Avon, seperated by a tall set of mountain biomes (where Gargoyles reign), are the three biomes of ruins. These ruins were once great cities of an Borroughesk design, now over run by jungle. There is one in each biomes, surround by trackless jungle. Savage Putti and Tribal Wing Folk live in these sweltering biomes, but they stay clear of the cities. The magic and alchemy that made them possible is still there and still active. Playing with things you don't understand is the fastest way to die in these biomes, followed by being eaten by Tigers or Putti.
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