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« on: March 17, 2004, 03:24:25 AM »
Each biome has a "way". This is the patterns that are most common for the biome. These patterns are natural, organic, material, mystical, and social. Some things are dictated by the way, while others are not. Thus if there are no mystical rules in the biome's way, there will be no restrictions on magic, its type or form. If the way has mystical rules, then magic/ spirit will not function unless it conforms. So if the way says that all spell energy comes from blood, unless you bleed your spells will not work... no matter how skilled you are.

A crude material example of way is a building. If the building is not built in the style and out of appropriate materials for the way of the biome, it is more likely to collapse, need repair, need upkeep, than a building that is compliant with the way.

If you have a farm and bring in new animals to be domestic from somewhere else. If these animals do not "fit" the way of a given biome, they will frequently not be very fertile. They will also be more sickly and die young.

The Way keeps all the ecologies going. It determines the health and fertility of all living things in the biome.  So if there are too many of a given species, they will seemingly stop being fertile until their numbers are reduced.  

Way is very important, as it determine how the universe should be on the macroscopic level, as well as the biome and personal level. No compliance with the way of the universe or biome creates chaos to bring the world more into line with what it should be.

Note: The way of a given place or person can change over time- a dynamic order. Change that is too slow or too fast is disruptive to the way, thus generate chaos. Chaos is the one thing that the orderly Andorans want to avoid.  When things get chaotic, the biome begins to retaliate. And the world can retaliate in a number of powerful and sometimes violent ways.
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