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Encyclopedia Arthica
« on: March 17, 2004, 02:26:40 AM »
This area is often updated without a new post, so check this area every so often for new information.

Amazonenti: The female dominated Humanti like people who now live on SecondLand.

Andoran The actual name of the "cultural groups" found in the Known world.  

Arbol: Second Day of the Week. A time for Nature/ Fire

Ariones Impression  aka: Ariones of Antioch aka Ariones MageSmith: The Man responsible for a new wave of thinking in Antioch.  He has taken the principles of elemental flows, the laws of magic, and applied them to matter, thus creating a variety of new items including the printing press, spy glass, microscope, and clockworks.  While his "misuse" of mystic laws was originally a crime given his guild, he has been pardoned given the results.

Armos: Fifth Day of the Week. A time for Art/Love/ Water

Artificial: Arth is a construct, rather than a "naturally created sphere". However, since Arth was created by its universe's highest power, it is "natural" in the technical sense, it is the way things are here.  The world is effectively large and flat, with a slight curve.  

Beat: A unit of time, approximately 12 to a Mark - 1 second each.

Biome: A region of area with its own way bounded by a shimmer wall. It is a self contained ecology and sociology, with its own weather, sky pattern, number of moons, and power pattern (the way magic and technology works).  Most biomes are similar to the ones next to it, so there is gradual change over distance.  

Blue Fog This effect occurs when dimensional barriers are weakened. Almost always occurs when a stranger is brought to Arth.  Related to the shimmer wall effect.  

Creedos: Fourth Day of the Week. A time for Faith/ Light

CoinWeights: Imperial coins must be of a certain weight and approximate size. 100 Coins per Imperial Weight.

Dwarventi: This short and stocky humanoid species lives a semi-subterranean life on ThirdLand.  

Elventi: This tall, thin, humanoid species known for its almond shaped eyes and pointed ears, are the dominant species in the KnownWorld in terms of political and magical power.  

Emperor: The Emperor has always been the Emperor, and since he is immortal, will remain the Emperor forever.  The Emperor's name has come to mean the job description.  

FirstLand The home of the Imperium and the Elventi.

FourthLand A recently discovered land of the Lamic and Ngeti people.

Fremos: Sixth Month. The time of Winter

Gate, Imperial:  These 2.3 Imperial strides wide hexagonal "rings" made of a very tough magikally create granite, similar to imperial road materials.  High Elven Sorcerers use them to anchor magikal gateways that allow Imperial Officials to travel between The Court and the rest of the Imperium.  A Sorcerer must cast the gate each time it is open, preventing "unathorized use".  

Geos: Fourth Month. The time of Harvest, with cooling weather.

Grand Council: After the Returner's War, there was a Magic Guild Council with nearly all the Humanti mages (and several Elventi Mage/ Wizard representitives). It was at this council that the the division between the material and the spiritual (which of the elements were the providence of Mages and the Fifth (which is actually two- light and dark) which is the providence of the PrayerSmiths (Priests). It was also responsible for the first codified listing, in the Humanti short form, of the Rules of Magical Energies.

HearthStone: The keystone of Elventi Society.  The HearthStone is an enchanted stone circle that produces heat for cooking and comfort in a Elventi dwelling. The HearthStone eliminates the need for wood as fuel, allowing the tree loving Elventi never to waste their wood.  

Hold: The Dwarven word for a house, village, town, and city, filled with Dwarves.  All Holds center aroung central Great Halls, where an entire family (if not a clan) lives. Off the Great Hall are side rooms for storage and some privacy.  There are often Out Rooms, rooms not directly connected to Great Halls, where small family groups live and special storage is done.  

Humanti: These are tall humanoids with round eyes and ears.  They are the most numerous of the known species in the KnownWorld.  They are found on almost every "land" and in many sea biomes.  

Hour: In the Known World, each hour is two American Hours long. The day starts at Dawn approximately six AM.

Ibis: First Day of the Week. A time for Magic/ Darkness

Imperium Also Known as the Elventi Imperium. The Governmental body that rules over all the Known World.

Imperial Foot Unit of measure, less than 1/3 of a Meter or more than a foot. Since the two do not conviently line up, most people measure larger things in Strides.

Imperial Span: Unit of measure, two strides long/ wide

Imperial Stride: Unit of measure, 1 Meter or a fraction less, or a Yard and a bit more.

Imperial Stone See Imperial Weight

Imperial Walk Unit of measure, 50 Miles or 80 KM.

Imperial Weight A unit of measure, approximately one pound or .45 Kgs. Sometimes called a Stone.

Kern: Humanoid Husky dogs. It is unclear if they were a made species or a born species (and should be called Kernenti).  

Key Stones  These are 5-10 CM orbs that pulse and glow with power.  They are found in conjunction with Plyons in Biomes. Like Plyons, they are indestructable. Their purpose has yet to be determined by the people of the known world, but the more keys a pylon has the more advantagous the biome seems to be.  Thus many biomes send people out to hunt for keys for their pylons.  In addition, keys in the hand of a sorcerer (a powerful magic user, usually High Elventi)  allow for spectacular/ reality altering magics.  They can boost ever regular magic users' and wizards' powers.

Known World  This section of Arth, as known by the Andoran peoples and the Elventi Imperium.

Kretch Worship of the Pantheon in the known world centers around a Kretch.  A kretch is a wall nook or small table, usually by the entrance, but sometimes in the main room, where small devotional nicknacks are found (elemental symbols, mirrors, candles, glyph stones, etc).  While there are temples and preists, most people do their religious duty as they pass by a Kretch and mumble a prayer.

Lemos: Fifth Month. The time of Fall and Cold

Lumos: First Month. The time of Spring.

Mark: A unit of time, approximately 12 seconds long - 100 to an Andoran Hour.

Marker, Imperial: These are one meter tall stones, approximately one deci-meter (1/10th) wide at the top and twice that at the bottom. Their shape inspired by The Pylons. These are informational locations, listing the names of the place, directions to get there, and any special warnings.  You will see them on any offspur of the main imperial road. They will also preceed a shimmer wall when the biome "next door" may be dangerous or tricky.  They are written in Imperial lettering, but everyone who can read seems to be able to read them.  

MaskLand: The homeland of exotic MaskLanders that was brought to Arth via a Blue Mist.

Mesch: Sixth Day of the Week. A time for Knowledge/ Air

Moons: Most biomes have one moon in the sky. It is fairly good sized and quite bright, taking 6 days to cycle.  Occasionally there will be biomes with a second moon, like in FourthLand. It normally cycles in 36 days.  In NorthLand, and certain biomes in ThirdLand there are three moons.  This third moon cycles every 18 days.

NorthLand: This huge landmass is filled with larger monsters and StarElventi.

OneOcean:This is the cluster of oceanic biomes that supports SeaElventi and other intelligent beings.

Orcenti: This hairsuite and violent humanoid species has been found on every land of the KnownWorld.  Orcenti normally live in hives and are the only intelligent species that gives birth to litters.  

Pathfinder: The natural gift of navagation. The pathfinder can feel the best exit points to biomes.  Arth is only semi-continuous.  If you tried to put the maps of all the biomes together as a puzzle, you would find they do not fit.  Thus knowing the best points to travel to and from a biome becomes inportant, otherwise you could find yourself travelling vastly farther than you could OR even in another biome entirely.

Pantheon: Except for dedicated priests, Fourthlanders, and MaskLanders, everyone worships the full Pantheon of Arthian Dieties.  This pantheon hold GE-EM (Head diety- begining and endings), Mother Arth, Yi-Ang (balance), Death, time, and luminance (which becomes the two dieties of the elementry tier), the six elemental dieties, Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Light, Dark, and the near infinite number of masters of XXX (Master of Bricks, Master Red Bricks, Master of This Brick, at infinatum).  People project their prayers to the appropriate diety of the Pantheon for their concern.  While certain people feel "favored" by certain dieties, they will not neglect the others (Sure the God of Light loves me, but when I need to make a good business deal I pray to the God of Earth and the Master of Commerace like everyone else.)

Putti: Catlike Humanoids created by an older civilization on SecondLand.

Pylons: Every biome has a pylon.  These 2.2 meter tall square based, tapered structures have a goldish finish, a warm metallic feel, and are indestructable. On the top of a plyon is a place where Key Stones can be inserted (they merge in).  The biome is often in the center of the biome, but does not have to be.  In some places, the biome's pylon has yet to be found (perhaps buried or mystically hidden or even destroyed by some cosmic force).    

Returners War: Uplifted/ Civilized by the Elventi of FirstLand, the Humanti return to SecondLand to retake their ex-homeland from the Wapti. Though mostly led by Elventi Militia warriors, Humanti did 98% of the fighting. (It is thought that the Emperor want Humanti to earn their home back in their own right, rather than it being a gift from the Elventi). The Returner's war was successful, and Humanti reclaimed their old homelands.

Road, Imperial: A magically created roadway of incredible durability.  Cobble sized stones (or similar stones) are summoned from the surrounding biome along the section of road being created.  They are then "smited", taking much of their exposed top off, creating a nearly smooth surface.  Mystically binding the stones together make a fairly smooth road that has near perfect traction under most conditions.  There are three road smiths for the entire Imperium.  They travel to an area by gate, create a few hundred feet of road, then gate to a new location. This means nine road segments can be created a day.  This odd proces means roads are "fairly" created at equal rates all over the Imperium.  

SecondLand: The Homeland of Humanti. Also known for having a Warp Point.

Sets: A unit of time, approximately 20 minutes. Six sets to an Andoran hour.

Shimmer Wall: A curtain of "force" that is totally permuable. It marks the barrier between biomes. In most cases, you can not see the "wall".  All you see is the landscape continuing.  As you approach the wall, it becomes somewhat visable and sensable.  It is most often just a "wave", like heat flicker of a piece of asphalt. The more shimmery/ opaque the wall is, the greater the difference between the biomes.  If the weather or terrain changes notably, the wall will be visable.  The scariest thing to encounter is a shimmer wall that is totally opaque, and when you walk through nothing appears to have changed (thus implying there are notable changes in the two biome's less material "ways").  

Star Stone  This blue crystaline structures draws in and hold magikal energy. They are said to fall from the sky.  Most deposits are from meteor strikes, as large clusters fall and as they cool break into smaller nearly circular stones.   Star Stones are used to power many magikal items. Elves actively search for these items (it is said wearing star stone increases your chance of becoming a high elventi). Dwarventi and most subterrainians will not touch the deposits.  Humans, not knowing any better will dig for it since there is always a market. The city of Antioch is built upon a played out large deposit of star stone.  The original reasons for Antioch was as a human mining camp.  

Storos: Second Month. The time of Storm.

Strangers: These are beings from other spheres that are brough to Arth via a warp or blue fog (or other means).  People both respect them and fear them, as they are often agents of change- disrupting the status quo.  The term stranger means a person not from around here. There is a pronunciation change when it is a stranger from Arth, and a stranger from elsewhere (Are you a stranger or a STRANger?).  

    Helping a Stranger is supposed to be good luck, so many people try to teach strangers "how thing are" or give them small gifts (drinks, small foods, etc).  

Thermos: Third Month The time of Summer.

ThirdLand: The largest and most populated land in the Known World. Every race can be found here.

Tredos: Third Day of the Week. A time for Craft/ Earth

Way: Each biome has its own rules or "Way things are".  These rules effect not only ecology, biology, meteorology, and power flow, but social and emtional structures.  The Status Quo is highly maintained here.

Warp Swamp: The WarpPoint for this region is in a swamp biome on SecondLand.  From this point new Strangers and even whole peoples will arrive.  

Wapti or Waptienti: Zenophobic Territorial telepathic creatures who live in the WarpSwamp of SecondLand.  

Year: A year on Arth is 216 days.  The Imperial calander breaks this down to 6 months of 6 weeks (corresponding to each season normally found in the Known World), of 6 days each (corresponding to the primary lunar cycle).
The Current year would be 11,240 Imperial, if they court did not keep reseting the year to 1 every 216 years.  Thus it is year 8 of the 52nd cycle.  


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Some words
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2004, 03:15:33 AM »
Most words translate directly to your language, but some come up differently. They are

X-smith: Person who makes something. Woodsmith, Wordsmith, Claysmith, Jewelrysmith.

X-craft: works with X-material or object. GodCraft is a common word for what priests do. IronCraft, WoodCraft, Goldcraft, Foodcraft. Sneakcraft is what theives do.

Di: Next level up on the rank. So a priest in charge of a group of priests would be a DiPriest

Arch: Next level up from Di. A priest in charge of many DiPriests would be the ArchPriest for a region.

Prime: First, Most Important, Public Face

Sece': Shadow or secondary aspect. A slang word for lover or very close friend.

Personal Ranks
Don: A name's prefix to mean respect of their superior station.

Lady: Female Don. Abbrv. Ld.

Lord: Clan Head/ Nobility/ and sometimes Guild Heads

Lady Lord: Female Clan Head/Nobility/

Knight: Someone sworn to a person's service. No matter what their job. So a Knight Assasin and KnightBreadsmith are possible.

Sir: Married man

Dame: Married Lady

No prefix for either gender for miss or mister for unpartnered people.

X-enti Race
Elventi for the Elven race for example

Note how the inclusion of a few words can make the world seem that different when you think about it. It now seems a bit more real and a bit different from your everyday world. All thanks to a few odd words.
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"The road less traveled is less traveled for a reason."
"The world needs dreamers to give it a soul."
"And it needs realists to keep it alive."
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