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The Nemeses (or the Assassins of Conscience)

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I kinda' want to figure out a way to adapt them for the Armorican Kingdoms, though I would use the name "Assassins of Conscience", since the Nemesis is something different entirely in that world.

Ria Hawk:
Maybe as agents of the clergy of some god of justice?  (Or agents of the god itself.)  The Illusion-Maker, after all, does like to call himself a priest.  The troupe's magical powers might be a divine sort of thing then.  
There is also the possibility that they aren't human.  They might be some sort of powerful entities pressed into the service of a god (possibly to atone for their own sins?)

Yes, maybe...

I like this idea, i especially like how none of the members follow the general outline of a ninja, really, the ninja is unorigional, but that is besides the point. I think that it is a little unfair that they are pretty much unstopable (if i read it right). You could make a good high-level campain that has to do with these guys. However, I think that they are too small in number to really ne that effective. Mabey if these four were the head of a sydicate?

There _is_ clearly something unnatural about this group.

They may be themselves victims (or close to victims) of such vile deeds. But that does not answer exactness of their information. Have they made a deal with someone/something, when they felt powerless against some great Evil? Or could they not find the villain responsible in that case, and have decided to take this as a mission? So they could be humans.

But they may be more than mortals. Perhaps they were powerful creatures, that have played mighty destructive games upon this world, and this is their punishment. Or were they servants of a god, and their service was lacking? So for thousand years they must stay here, and help as they can, or until they regain their masters favour.

( Also, they might have been created for this purpose, but who knows.)

Where could they know this from? They say that in the Afterworld there are no secrets, and the Nemeses have some kind of "hotline" right there.


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