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Orithia Setting - inc. Plots, NPC's and a RP experiment!
« on: January 14, 2004, 05:24:17 AM »
This thread is a really a resource for DM's - as an index it includes:

A RP Experiment
A Campaign Setting
A Cosmology
Adventure Hooks

Take what you like.

A RP Experiment:
Having recently designed a campaign world, I am currently trialing a different style of play (go ahead and try this at home).

I have 5 regular players at the moment, and on different nights I am meeting with groups that vary between 1-2 players at a time as they persue respective adventures within the world. Tomorrow will be the first time they will all meet (for a particular cause) and share in an adventure.

After that they will return to their 'sub-groups' until fate draws them all together again.

Some advantages I am finding include the fact that I am far more able to concentrate on the development of individual PC's - allowing (for example) Rangers to truly live the life of rangers, Clerics to work full time for the Church etc and bring out personal stories. Plus it seems to be adding 'realism'.

A Campaign Setting

In simple terms the world consists of a relatively small group of approx ten human cities, surrounded on all sides by a vast reptillian empire where individual Dragon states are ruled by their Wyrm masters. Naturally this puts humanity in a very precarious position.

More detail on key world factions follows:

The Presidium of Yss
The largest portion of the world is dominated by Dragon warlords and their tribes of Lizard Men, Draconians and other reptillian warriors. Many of Dragon tribes have historically been at war with each for centuries. But legend tells of the re-awakening of Leviathan the first great Dragon King—who will unite the tribes and lead the Presidium of Yss into a new golden age of solidarity and war against the humans.

The Kingdom of Montague
The human empire lives under the kingship of the House Montague and each city is ruled by a great family who each owe obedience to the King himself. The forces of the human kingdoms include Militia, Knights and elite ‘Black Knights’ who undertake dangerous missions for the safety of the kingdom. The Church of Malakite is another powerful faction, employing Clerics, Crusaders and Inquisitors as their agents.

The Ancients
A mysterious and timeless race who alone have mastered the secrets of high sorcery. Living in remote cities known only to themselves, the Ancients walk between the world of the living and the spiritual realm which they access through arcane rituals. Their objectives are known only to themselves—but they are often characterised as being either aloof or dispassionate about the affairs of lesser species.

The Changlings
A legendary race of shape-shifters able to transform their shape at will. Often masquerading as humans, these disparate people seek to survive in a world too superstitious to fully acknowledge their existence or to tolerate their uniqueness. As a result they are rarely seen and are presumed to be scattered in tribes across remote places in the world. Some believe that the Changlings have a mystic connection to Malakite the Moon God.

A Cosmology
The primary Deity is Malakite - The God in the Moon, and two lesser moons
said to adjudicate the forces of Light and Darkness.

Of Malakite the ancient hymnal speaks:

‘Watchful eye, crowned by ten stars—for thee our swords, our blood and our scars.
When thy children meet with the sun, from ten days of darkness the true Lord will come’

Adventure Hooks:

The coming of Malkuth
Malkuth is an ancient evil seeking to regain corporeal form. To do so his servants utilise larvae which crawl into the body of unwitting hosts and devour them, both body and spirit from within, such corpses can be found hidden in various places. When Malkuth has enough power he will incarnate and seek to subdue all flesh to his reign.

The Sleeping Queen
Legend tells that 'the sleeping queen' will one day awaken and fight in the service of humanity. The 'Sleeping Queen' is an Arthurian figure, a mighty ruler who helped in ancient times to fight the Presidium of Yss. Unknown to all but the ancients she is in fact a time-traveller. The PC's may play a part in her return.

The Temple of the First Priest
Dividing human and reptillian forces to the north is a mountain pass which at one time was a human temple. Now the temple is inhabited by a powerful spirit capable of possessing and sustaining the life of any powerful figures who go there. The PC's may attempt to re-take this temple. If successful reptillian forces will likely try to use the passage to launch raids. Is is likely a great battle will be fought here. The temple also contains a statue of the first priest, carved from fallen rock from the moon Malakite. It is said to harbour powerful healing properties (incentive).


Jack Skeleton
A human mercenary with very low wisdom, hysterically brash and overconfident - and fond of wild boasts. However Jack has convinced a publisher to give him a writing deal and is the author of several dubious intructional books about adventuring such as the infamously bad 'Jack Skeleton - In a Tight Crack'.

Princess Andrella
Youngest member of the royal family, and the most noble and crusading of them all. The Princess has chosen to relinquish her birthright and take up arms against humanities many enemies.

Female fighter masquarading as a member of the Inquistion - this as a means to furthering her lifestyle of kinky sex and manipulation.

Hope there is something here of use to someone....

~ Erebus
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Orithia Setting - inc. Plots, NPC's and a RP experiment!
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2004, 07:22:09 AM »
An interesting concept of humans being the weak ones in a single spot, and dragons rule the world. And quite a logical one, I must say.

Worlds where humans rule, and dragons are very few can be one of the possible futures... worlds where are no humans even more probably...

So why don't they get simply overrun, those filthy humans, all it takes is a little army + few dragons? I think the spot is a place of balance, between several mighty enemies, or that don't want a powerful neighbour. Interesting diplomatic potential.
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« Reply #2 on: January 15, 2004, 03:58:34 AM »

Can you edit and rename this thread with the name of the world or some suitably cool name?  Otherwise it will not bring in the right kind of questions/ answers.  This thread is interesting enough that it begs for a proper set up.  

Once it gets big enough, we can move it into the homebrew world section and a subforum of its own.  This is the general pattern for all of these.  See Kerren, it went for nearly 120 posts before it got its own forum.  If this is a world thread, it should stay all as one thread- just as it is.  If it is just an idea thread, we need to break it into component parts.  

Now... on to the questions.....  

The RP experiment sounds like a nice idea, if you have the luxury of time (and multiple days/ sessions).  It allows for well developed and focused story lines.  What happens when a group needs to get together, but a player can not make the "joint get together" night?  Reschedule? Tough Luck?  

Setting questions:  How did this human kingdom avoid getting absorbed by the The Presidium? If it is surround by it, why have they not just moved in?  Are they constantly at a state of war or skirmish?  Do they have some supernatural power that protects them (Ancients?)  Like Manfred, I have a need to know.  

How does the religion of the Humans coincide with the Draconic one?  Are they mutually exclusive or not?

The rest of it seems fairly basic.

A relatable thread.... http://www.rpgcitadel.com/guild/index.php?topic=124.0
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Orithia Setting - inc. Plots, NPC's and a RP experiment!
« Reply #3 on: January 15, 2004, 05:08:00 AM »
Okay I have changed the thread title to a (hopefully original) world name.

Moonhunter wrote: What happens when a group needs to get together, but a player can not make the "joint get together" night? Reschedule? Tough Luck?

We check diaries as a group and determine a date that suits all.  Should someone not be able to make it unexpectedly on the night, I would nonetheless run an adventure for the PC's who have turned up.  Given that these PC's do not always adventure as a group anyway - I see less problem than with a group of players whose PC's are always together.

Setting questions: How did this human kingdom avoid getting absorbed by the The Presidium? If it is surround by it, why have they not just moved in? Are they constantly at a state of war or skirmish? Do they have some supernatural power that protects them (Ancients?) Like Manfred, I have a need to know.

In the absence of the unquestionable overlord 'Leviathan' - the Presidium of Yss is not a unitified set of dragon states.  It is in constant inner turmoil.  

Clan wars abound and many protracted battles are fought between Dragon-led factions.  The Warlords fight for territory or to increase their own forces by absorbing the soldiers of defeated clans into their own ranks.  Some aspire to become powerful enough to unite the dragon clans.

Conversely the Human Kingdoms are united under an unchallenged King, and the great houses which govern each city.  Human forces respond as one to any threats from Yss.  The combined strength of this military is far greater than the power of any individual Dragon Clan which lurks on their borders.  

1000 years ago, at the climax of a war between the Ancients and the Dragons, a combination of Human and Ancient heroes worked their way deep into Yss to fight and defeat Leviathan, throwing the Dragon Lord down into the 'great deep' within which he now sleeps.
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Orithia Setting - inc. Plots, NPC's and a RP experiment!
« Reply #4 on: April 08, 2004, 08:23:52 PM »
What happens if he wakes up (if that is a possibility)?
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