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A new one for Ah-nuld quote fans...

"You hit like a vegetarian" (after getting cold-clocked by Sylvester Stallone with no effect)

Snuff Bottle Connection:

#1: Brother, I know why you're here! To test out my kung-fu!
#2: No. I am here to investigate the Russian envoy and his shady dealings. I need your help, brother.
#1: Russian envoy? But I don't speak any Russian.
#2: But you know how to throw knives.

It's like we've forgotten who we are. We're explorers, pioneers, not caretakers.

It felt like they made something new everyday, some gadget or idea, like everyday was Christmas. But 6 billion people, just try to imagine that, and every last one of them trying to have it all.

Popcorn at a baseball game is unnatural, I want a hot dog.

We didn't run out of televisions or computers, we ran out of food.

The Apollo missions were a brilliant piece of propaganda.

Watching Interstellar


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