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The World of Dreams
« on: March 01, 2004, 07:41:59 PM »
For those of you who remember, a while ago we had a big discussion on dreamwalkers (seen here: Dream Walkers) However, we never got around to defining an actual world of dreams in which a person finds themselves during that blissful period we call sleep.

The dream world's basic shape can be defined as large funnel. It lies in a semi-parallel dimension from the waking world, so that it is both apart from our conscious self and connected to it at the same time. Immensely vast, it incorporates the minds of all sleeping denizens, and traps them within itself, where they manifest into physical form. As the world tunnels down towards the lower end, it becomes more narrow, and therefore more dense. This denseness on the minds physical manifestation pulls the dreamer into a deeper state of sleep.

The dream funnel is comprised of pure energy packets, each arranged into various duties. This energy is hyper-sensitive to the surroundings, and can sense and manipulate the vary thoughts of a relaxed mind. Each packet has its own function within the dream world in order to produce the dreams we know and love (or fear depending on how often we have nightmares). These packets are as follows:

Initiators: These packets search the borders of the waking world and the dream world to search for relaxed minds. When we are asleep our minds are susceptible to the brief exchange between the two dimensions of sleep and consciousness. Initiators find minds in this relaxed and unguarded states, and pull them into the world of dreams.

Mediators: Mediators are spread just beyond the border into the world of dreams. As soon as a mind is pulled into this new dimension, a mediator will hook up to it and begin to probe the dreamers thoughts. Capable of picking up on even the subtlest of impulses, the mediator’s first job is to give the mind physical form in the dream world. It determines the minds strongest emotion at the time, and feeds off of it to form what it truly desires or fears at the time (whichever emotion is strongest is picked up and used.)

Receptors: Receptors are packets of energy which patrol every nook, cranny, and crevice in the world, as well as the main areas, and search for any and all minds stuck in the realm. Receptors are designed to interpret the energy signals the mediators pick up, and then they use this information to form nearby Matriols into physical form.

Matriols: Matriols are the bulk of the dream world. They make up over 80% of the dimension and are susceptible to the commands of every other energy packet in the world. They have the ability to take shape into any manner of physical form, from the smallest to the largest from just one packet. These are the only packets we are aware of while in a dream, and they are the world we are supposedly in, from the half broken mirror, to the dragon sweeping overhead, to the immense dark fortress we don’t want to enter, but know we must anyways.

Regulators: Regulators patrol the world and make sure everything is going on in their natural manners. They are trained to pick up electrical imbalances that occur when a person or thing is close to waking. They then terminate the dream and send the mind to the border of the dimensions to make the transfer.

Since the two dimensions are overlapped, the mind is only partly in the dream world, and partly in the real world. An outside influence will tug at the part of the mind still in conscious reality, and a sharp enough tug will pull the rest of the brain with it into waking. The deeper a person is into the world of dreams, the more of their mind is, and it takes a sharper tug to pull the mind out of the dream. Inside the dream world, every person’s dream is contained within a bubble of reality that separates them from the susceptibility of other’s dreams. If this bubble is breached, the dreamer is immediately thrown into consciousness.

Dreamwalkers are people who have trained and perfected (or merely contain) the ability to manipulate these energy packets to their will. In other words, they are conscious while in the dream. In order to do this, they must have nearly their entire mind in this alternate dimension. They are ones who have the ability to traverse very deeply into the funnel, down nearly to the vertex (at the vertex ones mind has completely left their body, and it is impossible to return to the real world. The vortex is merely a storage unit for the minds of those dumb enough to pull this off.

In order to enter a dream, the dreamwalker must bridge the reality bubble into another’s dreams with a mediator. This is extremely difficult, and requires the concentration/skill discussed the dreamwalkers thread.

Any suggestions would be helpful, I'm still kind of working through this, but I thought it would be helpful in understanding and explaining the dreamwalkers!
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