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OMG! They're making a movie of the BEST sci-fi book EVER!!!!

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The trailer looks odious. Ben Kingsley and Harrison Ford look like they would rather be anywhere else but in this movie. The kid looks annoying.

aaaaand, bombed.

I'll be sure to continue with my current plans to ignore it.

I will do my part and actually read the books. Getting it now, starting it tonight. :)

From what I understand (not having seen it yet) they cut out most of the Battle School, and spend some in training and then go directly to the Bug War. This I find frustrating because the battle school was the biggest part of the novel, and it was what made it. I expect the movie to be functionally similar to the situation with Starship Troopers, aka having little to nothing to do with the book and more to do with merchandising tie ins, video games and the MTV Music Video style of film making (flashy, entertaining, but devoid of substance)


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