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OMG! They're making a movie of the BEST sci-fi book EVER!!!!

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Ancient Gamer:
On a scale from 0 to 10, that movie was a 4.

Sorry all fans, but it was seriously boring,

Got sidetracked. Read Lone Survivor and watched the movie. (Holy s**t...not to mention I know somebody that was stationed in Bagram at the time so the real becomes more real)

So restarted Ender's Game today.

Finished it and had my son read Ender's Game before we both watched the movie. The movie pissed my son off more than me. All started when they introduced Bean on the spacecraft and there was no fight. It went downhill from there. I can understand and respect the changes that must be made in a movie....however....the reveal that I was excited to see with the family was s**t. Son was pissed about A LOT.

So, all said, maybe a 4 on a scale of 10. I agree with AG. Won't ever watch it again. Would rather watch Pippi Longstocking.


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