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Final Fantasy VII: Shades of the Past
« on: February 14, 2004, 11:42:10 PM »

The Legend of the Meteor and such have become just that...Legend. No ones really sure if a group of great hero's managed to destroy an evil God and stop the world being killed, although anythings possible.
Thing is this: If humanity doesn't learn from its mistakes its bound to repeat them.
Once again Materia is appearing. Not the rare but natural form that occasionally appears, but the mass produced form thats formed by a Mako Reactor as a by product.
But its not the current goverment, who live in Neo-Midgar, a Solar Powered Citadel several miles away from the ruins of Midgar, and was based around the small town that was once Kalm, a town invaded by the mass exodus after the destruction of Midgar.
No, a rebel force has once again tapped the power of Mako and is arming its soldiers with Materia. They have already taken the military Fortress at Costa de Sol and are now trying to attack the huge Fortress of Junon Coast. Only its massive defences and firepower have saved it so far, but the Summoned Monsters are slowly decimating it.
Now each side is forming special strike forces, based on two teams from the past...the Rebels have recreated SOLDIER, the Mako-Enhanced warriors that were, in Legend, the very minions of Hell Itself...Shin-Ra. While the Goverment has got two...the secret Turks, a special unit meant fro recruitment, Black Ops and other such activities. And there answer to SOLDIER...AVALANCHE, named after the Hero's of the Past.
But strange, ancient forces have returned...the Elder Nanaki of Cosmo Canyon and the ancient Beast-Man Vincent Valentine have both returned to the common world.
And they sense something...the birth of a new Materia. Not the Black or the White, both of which were destroyed when Midgar was ruined, but something else...a Materia of Rebirth, capable of bringing back anyone from the distant past if but a tiny piece of there matter still exists.
And the Rebels have an Artifact from the time of Meteor...the Blade Of Cloud, which is covered with the blood of Sephiroth...

Who will have victory?


Don't try and play any FF character other than Vincent and Red XIII/Nanaki, since they all died years ago and any other FF characters don't belong here.
This also means don't make a clone with a different haircut and name. So no spikey blue-haired Mercanary named Nimbus.

Don't make yourself someone incredibly important without asking me first. This includes the leaders of AVALANCHE, SOLDIER and the Turks. You also won't be Cloud's descendant, from the Wallace Family or Tifa and Cait Sith's love child. The only exception to the rules is the Guardian's of Cosmo Canyon...all of the current ones are descended from Nanaki.

Keep you Materia withing reasonable levels. And no Summon Materia, since its all being used in the Junon Coast Campaign. Same with Weapons...no one carries the Mako Cannon in there back pocket.

You can be of any faction, but if you want control of your own 'little' squad, pm me first with your ideas. Other than that...Have Fun!

Join Us

Character Name:
Age: It has been 348 years since Midgar was destroyed, for those playing Nanaki or Vincent.
Physical appearance:
Affiliation: SOLDIER, AVALANCHE or Turk.
History: Please, please don't simply have a line saying nothing is known about your character because there a mysterious stranger...I'll have to beat you.
Limit Breaks: No copying.
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Final Fantasy VII: Shades of the Past
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2004, 12:08:34 AM »
Character name: Janus Koren
Physical appearance: agile male who looked like the robin hood of the age, he wears a blue jacked, blue jeans, and a white short-sleeved shirt. He is about 5"11', and uses two knives as his weapon. Green eyes, brown hair. he is weak but quick.
History: he grew up in junan, where he grew up without proper guidance. His parents died in a tragic fall into a lake of raw mako. His only relative was his brother, Cid. Cid taught him to be a gentlemen thief, in other words, don't steal, but "treasure hunt". never take anything from those who can't affort to loose it, and to always respect the ladies.
His brother was killed though, by a member of soldier. He was forced to live by himself as a thief from age 14-17. He then met the love of his life.
Her name was jennifer.
He and jennifer fell in love with each other and became engaged when locke was 22. Shortly after becoming engaged, jennifer was assassinated by soldier due to a strong anti mako campain run by her father. Janus became angry with loosing the two people closest to his heart. He joined avalance to get back soldier.
Weapon: two knives about a foot long each.
Materia: lightning
Limit breakes: Treasure Hunter(steals items from all enemys), tiger slash(Attack X creatures Y times where Y=4/x), assassination( kill one non boss creature), and jennifer forever(heal all allies and bring back allies to half life).
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Final Fantasy VII: Shades of the Past
« Reply #2 on: April 29, 2004, 09:20:01 AM »
I know it's wierd...but I've got a character who is a decendent of Ifalna...it's a long story...so that means she's part ancient...would that be okay? I can tell you how the character works if you want...?
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