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New Roleplaying Sector
« on: February 14, 2004, 03:26:16 PM »
Moderated Freeform Roleplaying

The forum was opened so that the games that want to be serious and longer lasting have an uncluttered, organized, moderated forum to play in. Quick start up games are still welcomed and encouraged in the Freeform Roleplaying section.

Thread requests will be treated on a case by case basis. There will be a quality requirement for approval to start in the Moderated Section. This new forum is for serious players who wish to take the game seriously (as far as serious goes in a for fun game anyway) so thread requests will be reviewed prior to being posted as a call for players.

The thread starter will be the DM for the thread and their word is final.

How to Start a Game

To start a game a few questions need to be answered.

1) What is the name of the world that the game is based on. The name given will be used as a descriptor title in every thread you use. ex: [My World] Title.

2) Overall description of the world or setting. Any pertinat facts that the players should know about. Locations, descriptions, key NPCs, basically anything you want to pass on to the players about your world or anything you, looking as a player, may want to know about the game. If you have other threads or posts on the main Citadel you wish to link to, please describe a short summary of what the link holds. Do not simply post links, describe them.

3) Any special rules that are needed for your specific game. Ex: No OOC in the roleplaying thread, no chatspeak, no smilies, etc.. Make your rules clear before the game starts.

4) A note for potential players. What kind of characters you want and any race requirements. Do you want a description or do you want stats? What game system if you are going to use stats. How many players do you want? A minimum amount of players and a maximum. Will you accept characters after the game starts? (so we know if we need to lock the thread)

5) Once you have all the above put together in a nice coherent post you need to PM it to me (Ria Hawk), the overall Moderator for the roleplaying forums. I'll reply to you if the game request is accepted. Once the post is accepted you will be given write permissions to the forum and may post the request. Do so in the following format

[World Name] Player Request

6) As you accept characters, PM me the name of the player and the thread so that I can give the player permissions to post in that forum.

7) Once you start your game in the forum ALWAYS use [World Name] as the title. You may start threads as required for your game.

How to Get In a Game

1. Review threads that have "Player Request" in them and that have not been locked.

2. Once you find a game you want to play in, review the character requirements and rules and PM a character as per their instructions to the thread starter.

3. If you get an approval notice that your character has been accepted you can then post a reply to that thread with all your character information so others can see what kind of players are being accepted. The DM should have PMed me that you were accepted in the game. Once the DM PMs me, I'll give you access to the forum. Only a PM from the DM will grant you permissions so if you have a question on your access to the forum please PM your DM. (hey, that rhymes)
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