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I want to start and rpg but i want to make sure that it will be good enough for people to play in..

                             The dragon lands
OK here i go

There is a village by a mountain.In this village are people that are very conserend that dragons will attack...again.The drgons live in the montain, and people go up but never return.It has now been 2 years and the dragons are getting stronger, and changing into a black color.The village has been calling out for people but haven't got any messages returned....

Well can anyone tell me what i can do to help this rpg...I just came up with the idea..and im not sure if i ever heard of the name before.

You might want to use a bit more describe the surroundings, type of all sorts of creatures, or strictly humans, what? wouldn't hurt to spell check. Also, why would the village be concerned with the dragons if it's only people who go to THEM that never return, now maybe if there were some precious material in the mountains or some reason for the village to CARE about the dragons.

It's good to see that you're looking for help. I'll try to drum up some tips...

ok, Kally! let me see what I got!

1-DEFFINATLY take more time with spelling and grammar. Put it in word to spell-check then copy/paste if you need to, but too many mispelled or misplaced words and people get distracted, plus we don't know exactly what you are trying to say half of the time.

2-Again, expanding on Araith: detail, detail, detail. The more people know to start out with, the easier it is for them to create a well-versed character in the new world you are creating. Setting is huge, and also, explanations. (in your mental hospital RP, give more explanation as to how the demon became trapped in the hospital, why people need the information he carries!, etc.)

If I think of anything else Ill get back to you!

Also, something I've noticed about some of your RPs:

A. No direction.
B. They just start. There is no set-up, really, nor any sort of guile or nice language.

Basically, you just say "He walks in and says 'Hello'." How does a player start off of that?
You need to have nice language, figuratives, descriptions.
Before: "He walks in and says 'Hello'."
After: "The man, arrayed in beautiful noble's garments, swept into the room, filling it with his presence. 'Greetings,' he said, his voice a booming lion's call in the silence of the room."


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