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Stats Explained.
« on: February 13, 2004, 06:05:26 PM »
This post refers to the stats in the forum.

Strolen's Citadel is going back to the basics. The reason this site exists is for the main pages, the sharing of ideas. The forum is a bonus and turned out to be another way for people to trade thoughts and help each other with submissions. Another after thought was allowing some freeform roleplaying to just have fun and maybe try out an idea or two as well.

And the people smiled.

So, why the stats change? Here is one smaller discussion on it with other thoughts but the main reason is because I want everything to go back and aim at the reason for the site: idea interchange. Everything important should be geared towards that and so now the stats reflect that. The stats themselves are still in flux but I think the principle of them will remain the same.

So here are what the stats mean once they are expanded...(at the moment. I will edit this file if the stats change)

User Stats

Site Rank

Posts: Currently posts are only counted in the following forums.
Idea Guild
General (only Greetings Traveler)

Avg chars: Takes last seven(7) days of posts and gives you the average amount of characters in your post.

Joined, Status, Location: Self explanatory:

Level: Your level as determined by the amount of counted posts.

Quality: This uses amount of posts (anywhere on forum, not restricted to the above) that you have posted in the last seven(7) days. The first number is how many posts met a minimum character count requirement. The second number is the totaly posts. So if I have 45 / 77, then 45 of my posts met the character requirement to be counted.

This will show at a glance if you have a low quality score that perhaps many of the posts were short and probably didn't hold a lot of information. Some posts are short, and that is fine, but a extraordinarily low quality score shows that there is not much content in the posts.

EXP A counter for "Level" so you know where you stand in your current level.

Plots, Items, Characters, Settings They all work the same.
The title itself "Plots" is linked so that if you click any of the titles then you will be taken to the main Citadel where you will be able to view all the submissions of that type for only that person.

The number is how many of that type you have submitted.
The percentage is the overall rating for all the submissions translaged to a percentagy. So if you had 2 items and they were both rated a 5 then you would have 100%. There are only a few of those, I, for one, am hovering around the 70% mark which is fine. Use it as some motivation to create some awesome stuff and boost your ratings.

Ideas Does not have a rating systems, but it is still linked.

Comments How many comments you have posted on the main pages under all the different submission types. Just another way to see how involved you are with the main site.

Hope this helps some understand the stat thing. They are suppose to be fun, but I want them meaningful to so the experiment will continue. Thanks.

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