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Bounty Hunting Roleplaying
« on: February 02, 2004, 09:06:48 PM »
((OOC: Before we get started, we need character info, so everyone knows what is going on. The setting would be futureistic bounty hunting like cowboy bebop, just this isn't cowboy bebop. So character info before people *first* start talking, okay.

My character info-
                      Dono Rezzssian
Used to work for the govenment on the planet earth. They took him off because he always wanted to know the big top secret stuff that he wasnt qualified for. He has gotten information in pieces but not the full info. And now he he has a career in Bounty Hunting. Weapons of choice:
1: Handgun
2: Double Rocket Shotgun- The Bullets blow up on impact

Ship: Stealth Ninja
        EMP Cannon
        Machine Gun
Sheild Number: 3

Now here is some specific rules on ships, I know this is freeform but to keep it to a mininum we use sheld nubers, everytime you get hit by a weapon you lose one sheild. So, you know things can happen to where the charcters have to seem morecareful, or hide, and buy stuff to fill the sheild amount up. And of course when you complete a Bounty, you may use the money recieved to upgrade ships and buy new weapons, or food. Sorry but I am just trying to make it logical. You may do what you wish as long as it makes since so lets begin [I need some crew members]))

Dono is in a big ship fight with another.
Dono: That punk is just running away! Hey (Character Name) Charge up the EMP Cannon and Blast it directly at him!"
Dono throws on a quick boost and swerves in front of the othership
"Mom? I cant find the remote!... So... The TV's broken mom! I cant watch... thiiiss... ohhhhh... that's hot... cooool... *Stare* Never mind mom. The TV's... fiiiiine."