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Prime Evil

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Just to ask what kind of thing is the most evil thing out there?
Is it a Cthulhu thing or a Howard the Duck evil thing?
Is it Squirrels with hacksaws or something really evil that can change shape?
Is it a big strong barbarian gone mad or the small worms that enter your brain? Describe what would be the ULTIMATE evil...

You can't really list Cthulhu, or any of the Great Old Ones for that matter, because they are beyond the puny human concepts of good and bad.


If it should be between humans, I think the prime evil is the simple idea, that some other idea is absolutely right. Not only that, but also the wilingness to enforce this ideal on anyone else, for any price.

No Cthulhu or monster, but I hope it fits.

In my opinion, Pure evil in terms of humans can be attributed to lack of emotion. If one lacks emotion, doesnt have hatred/anger/love/desire/pain/weakness/jealousy to act upon, but STILL performs an 'evil deed' (It doesnt matter how small a deed) WITHOUT bieng Driven by these, what is he?

Of course, I dont mean things like 'robots' or what-not, who are incabable of feeling such emotions. I mean somebody who acts in spite of his emotions.

Because truly - cannot all actions of 'evil' be justifiable by a human emotion? Jealousy? Hatred due to mistreatment? Love for a religious deity? Im not saying that deeds committed by people using their emotions cant be EVIL. Im just saying that somebody who does these deeds without emotion would be MORE evil... er, If you get what I mean...


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