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Clan Telmorg


Clan Telmorg

Greetings to thee, comers all.
Let us tell you of Clan Telmorg.

The gods are liars. Their priests proselytize and give their boons, the gods call out that they give us the World, and yet, what have you to show for it, good peasant? What have you?
We are Clan Telmorg. Our Lord-Father came from the West and brought with Him His way, the Way of the Clan.
The Lord-Father came to the toilers in the fields and said to them "Why do you work?"
And the toilers said "It is our master for whom we toil."
The Lord-Father became concerned. "Why does your master make you suffer so while he lives in splendor?"
"This is how it was and is always." replied the toilers.
The Lord-Father withdrew, with a great dismay upon His brow.
Thence went He to the castle of the toiler's master, who sat dining upon a throne and laughed at the peasant's struggles below.
And the Lord-Father said "Why do you make them suffer so?"
The Master said to Him "This is how it was and is always, as the Gods hath made it!"
And the Lord-Father said "This is not the right way. This is a false path."
And the Master said "Who art I to question the will of the Gods?"
The Lord-Father became roth. "I will cleanse the land of your complacency, fiend!" And with that He smote the Master from skull to breast, and with His power He blasted to pieces the corrupt Master's castle.
His anger cooled, the Lord-Father went to the toilers and freed them, and they rejoiced and said "How may we repay you?"
And the Lord-Father, in His wisdom, said "To me afford your fealty, and your power. I shall upon thee bestow my blessing. But under this condition: Revoke all previous pledges bestowed to any others and follow my ways."

The Ways of the Lord-Father are thus:
Way, the First: Thou shalt afford all fealty and power to the Lord-Father; and the Great Telmorgi thereof; and to the mighty Clan Telmorg thereof.
Way, the Second: All previous pledges and affordings of fealty and power to others shall thee revoke.
Way, the Third: All are equal and upward in the eyes of the Lord-Father; Bear no false anger or fear against others lest they begrieve thee.
Way, the Fourth: Hate not, for hate is merely fear wearing a mask, and abolished must fear be from the sublunary heart.
Way, the Fifth: Take not thine own justice, but allow justice to be invoked by those worthy in heart, naming only the Great Telmorgi and He, the Lord-Father.
Way, the Sixth: Clan Telmorg is the light and darkness. Clan Telmorg is the sword and the olive branch. Clan Telmorg is the staff and the fist. Clan Telmorg is the absolute, the always, the forever.

Join us. Become a Clanbrother, or Clansister. Share in the light and the darkness of Clan Telmorg, share in the power and strength and wisdom of the Lord-Father.



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