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Clan S.o.S-Syndicates of the Shadow
« on: January 30, 2004, 06:16:34 PM »
Syndicates of the Shadow (S.o.S)
 For hundreds of years, people have gathered to the power and promise of the dark side of all living things, the Shadow. Allured by promises of ultimate power, incredible rewards, and a life of evil and fun, thousands have turned. It was in this time and age that the shadowspawn came to be. Creatures not only turned to darkness now, they were born from the Shadow itself. A great war ensued, where the Shadow poured its armies over the world, sweeping across every land it touched, and casting the entire planet into shadow.
Yet just as it seemed the Shadow had won, the great god Giam (Guy-am) sent his own forces to counter the ever-growing Shadow. Forcing the shadowspawned back into the depths from which they had come. Desperate to retain its hold, the Shadow sent a last attack of all its forces. It succeeded in destroying Giam, yet in his dying breaths he cursed the Shadow into the realm of the undead, where it will ever remain. Weakened as it was, the Shadow was forced to retreat into submission.
  Now, all that is left of that glorious time is a great fortress hidden deep within the tunnels and caverns of Kalim’drai (Kah-lem-dry), where the Shadow was first created. Massive spires climb higher than the eye can follow, piercing the ever-present dark clouds that circle overhead. The blackened stone it was create with of a tone so dark, it appears almost a shadow itself, suspended in the center of an endless abyss. A single stone bridge with no rails is the only entrance to the giant double doors of the castle.
This is the lair of the Syndicates of the Shadow, a dark organization dating nearly to before the Shadow itself, who train eternally until their time to rise comes again. They wait hungrily until they have gained enough strength and abilities in the Shadow that they can once again sweep the world, and cast a second, eternal shadow across the face of the planet.
Engraved high on the main wall of the fortress is the banner of the Syndicate, enriched with dark magic so that it casts a reddish glow that can pierce even the heaviest of darkness. A single hieroglyph, merely 4 vertical lines of uneven length, the leftmost being the shortest, the second slightly larger, the third being the longest, and the fourth between 2 and 3. These lines represent the 4 founders of the Shadow, and also of the Syndicate. Just above the third line are two small dots, and a horizontal dash connects the bottom of the first with the quarter-mark of the second. It means simply “Remember� in the old tongue of the Shadow, yet none are left who remember that language.
To those who do not recognize the sign, it is meaningless, yet for those who know what it means, it is a reminder of times past, and of a promise, to those loyal to the Shadow, of a time of return, when the Shadow will once again rise to its rightful position as rulers of the world!
 As you walk into the building you see nothing but a dark stone room, empty save for a small desk in the corner. As you walk across to it you find their is a woman sitting behind the desk, with a clipboard in hand. She hands it to you as you approach, and it resonates in your hand. You do indeed have strong associations with the Shadow! Looking down on it you notice there is nothing but the shape of a hand on the board. Placing your hand on the center of the clipboard, a light shifts down your palm, and your statistics appear in fron of you.

Welcome to the Syndicates of the Shadow friends. If you are of inclination to join, place your character stats here and I will consider it, then let you know via PM! For an example, here is my character sheet!

NAME: Ferahgo Glishmael


AGE: about 23 (its hard to tell for a Nasgareth)

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Around 5'10, Elven appearance save for the dark aura that surrounds him. Long braid of pure-black hair down nearly to his ankles. Wears the dark purple Gar'ien of his people (a cloak and pants!) Weilds the Simoleth (A dark, wickedly curved blade, exactly the length of his outstreched arm.) a longbow, and his Fiorella.

ABILITIES/POWERS: Dark glow around him allows him to instantly melt into even the slightest shadow nearby. Extremely fast reflexes and movement (not running, but everything else) Expert marksman with his bow, and deadly graceful with his blade.
Bow down to the almighty ruler of your pitiful existance!